Weather in India in January

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This article will give you some insight into the weather of India in January. We consider January of the best times to visit India due to its pleasant temperatures and low precipitation. Winter’s fully arrived everywhere, which means that temperatures are at the lowest point during the year. However, weather in January varies depending on which part of the country you’re visiting. This article will also provide some inspiration into some of the places to visit in India in November.

With the exception of the snowy peaks in the North and areas in the North East, you will not be too cold. January is usually a dry month, with barely any rainfall across the country. Temperatures can vary largely from day to night. Prepare for maximums of 30”C and minimums of 15’C, and sometimes lower. We’d recommend to pack for any circumstances.

Weather in India in January


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weather in north india in january

In January, cities such as Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan and Central India stay pretty warm during the day, heating up to 28 – 30’C. At this time of year, there are rarely clouds and you will be safe from the rain in Northern and Central areas. Take note however, that there may well be persistent fog around Delhi and Agra that can last for days at a time, disrupting air traffic and train departures, so it is good to prepare for delays.

In the evenings, North India can get fairly cold, lowering from 15-5’C. Further, rooms with heating facilities are very uncommon, only upper-end hotels will offer this. However, hotels and guesthouses will usually provide warm blankets for the night. We suggest to carry a blanket, a pair of warm socks and maybe something to cover your ears at night. Nature reserves, Jaisalmer or further northern cities such as Amritsar or Delhi get particularly cold at night in January.

In Rajasthan, January is the most popular season. This means that it is likely to be packed with tourists and so hotel availability may become an issue. It might be a good idea to be prepared to book in advance just to be sure.

For more information regarding travelling in Northern India during January, visit our blog post: Best Places to Visit India in January. If you are interested in travelling through Rajasthan and North India in January, check out Henning’s two-week-trip to Rajasthan with homestay experiences or Chiara’s a little bit more flashy Rajasthan Trip. We also have a couple of suggestions in this blog articles about Delhi – Agra – Rajasthan route options.

Places to visit in India in January Jodhpur, Rajasthan


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weather in the mountains in january

Further north, up in the Himalayas, will be blanketed with snow at this time of year. For travellers looking to go trekking and for other outdoor activities, this area might not be the top choice for you. Further, closed and blocked roads and hiking trails due to ice and snow can become a major issue in the winter, making travelling difficult, expensive and often tiring. Therefore, the Himalayas are best enjoyed when visited during spring, summer or autumn where you can go hiking, experience exciting outdoor activities and properly appreciate the views.

January is a great month to ski, and Gulmarg in Kashmir is an excellent possibility to do so. For more information on skiing in India, check out our blog. Do consider the safety concerns due to the Indian-Pakistan border conflict, but there are also other smaller resorts in Manali and Auli in Himachal Pradesh. The resorts and slopes will not be very similar to the West however, so do bare this in mind.


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weather in South India in january

The weather in South India in January is never usually uncomfortably cold. In cities such as Kerala, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, temperatures are normally about 25’C during the day, and around 15-20’C at night. Humidity and rainfall levels tend to drop, making Southern India very comfortable to visit in January.

This time of year is the main tourist season in Southern India so places such as Varkala and Kochi can become quite busy. We recommended booking accommodation in advance to assure availability and the best prices.

In particular, Goa is a great place to visit in India in January, as it is rarely cold. However, given the vast stretches of countryside, there can be a cooler breeze at night. Sunshine persists daily, with temperatures normally above 25’C, so it is a fabulous time to get some sun without an unbearable, blazing heat. A downside of visiting Goa at this time of year is the fact that crowded, so popular resorts are booked months in advance, sometimes even half a year beforehand. We advise to plan your trip in advance, but no matter, we’ll always find a place for you to stay and enjoy. Check out Rachel’s trip across South India to find inspiration for a travel route inclusive of Goa.

Goa, India


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Generally,  the weather in India in January is pleasant so you should not be uncomfortably cold. In the evenings however, temperatures are likely to drop, particularly up North. Therefore, we recommend to pack suitably. We are most likely to recommend the region of South India for travellers at this time of year. For more details about the best places to visit in India in January, visit our blog.

For more detailed information about weather in India in January, or for any help planning your perfect trip to India, feel free to contact us!

Weather in india in January Varkala, India


If you consider a trip to India in January, you are in the right place. India Someday can help you plan a route and the best choice of accommodations and transport modes. And if a hotel is booked out we will find a suitable alternative within your budget and expectations. Stop dreaming and plan your trip with us now!

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