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The best time to visit India is ideally between October to the end of April. However, India has a very distinctive climatic pattern and a different method of conceptualizing seasons.

The winters are mostly pleasant with moderate temperatures and almost no precipitation (honestly, it hardly ever rains in India outside of the months June to September).

The summer months of (mid) April, May and June can get unbearably hot. From mid-June to September, the monsoon winds bring heavy rainfall across the entire subcontinent.

Therefore, the weather in India is an important factor to consider, while picking the best time to visit India. Festivals in India also play a large role in deciding your travel plan and itinerary.

Being a large country with different weather in different regions India is an all-year destination.

You must understand that from the mighty Himalayas to the balmy beaches it is all about picking the right destination based on when you are visiting India.

We will give you a broad overview on when is the best time to visit India, we will also tell you which are the best regions to visit if you pick a leaner season, best festivals in India or when is the best weather in India and more. 

When is the Best time to Visit Delhi?

The best time to visit Delhi would be from November to March. This includes the shoulder months of October and March as well. the weather is cool and pleasant.

From December to February it can get quite cold, so be prepared with jackets and overalls. The winter does now bring some pollution with it nowadays so we recommend carrying a mask.

The summer months of April to June are incredibly hot, so restrict sightseeing to mornings and evenings, and spend the afternoons indoors eating some delicious Delhi food.

So, wondering when is the best time to visit India? Here is a detailed overview of what the weather would be like each month in India, in different regions of the country, feel free to explore.

Admire the charisma of historical Rajasthan – Photo Credit Vince Russell

When is the Best time to Visit Agra?

The best time to visit Agra and the Taj Mahal is between November to March. the weather patterns are almost the same as Delhi

Winters get cold and summers are intensely hot and humid.

Monsoons are a good time to visit if you are alright with rainy and humid weather. but great prices and fewer tourists.

Do remember that Taj mahal is closed on Friday and the best time to visit the taj mahal is early in the morning, so you can see the sun hit the marble making it a beautiful surreal experience

When is the Best time to Visit Rajasthan?

The best time to visit Rajasthan is from November to March. The weather is ideal to visit the forts of Jaipur and Jodhpur or relax by the lakes in Udaipur.

It is also the best time to spot tigers at Ranthambore. March is also normally when you can celebrate Holi in Rajasthan

The summers from April to June are avoidable due to excess heat and hot winds.

The monsoons are good to visit as the rains are not heavy the temperatures are cooler and prices are much cheaper.

When is the Best time to Visit Kerala?

The best time to visit Kerala is from November – March. Expect clear blue skies, calm seas and cool mountain air.

The tea plantations in Munnar and the forests of Wayanad, Thekkady and Thattekad will have nice cool weather.

Summers are hot and humid, but not unbearable like in the Northern part of the country. you can still visit from April to June.

The monsoons are good for seeing the waterfalls in their full splendour but do expect a lot of rain and be armed with windcheaters or umbrellas

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Best time to visit  Goa is December to February, when the weather is pleasant and not very humid.

The only time to avoid Goa is during the monsoons between June to September. Though that being said the monsoons make sure Goa is lush green and you can explore the other side of this beach state

When is the Best time to visit Central India?

The weather is similar to that of North India. Being away from the sea results in this region getting lesser rainfall than the coastal states. It also means that the winters can get quite cold and summers get rather hot and dry.

Some of the best tiger parks (Tadoba, Pench, Kanha, and Bandhavgarh) are in central India, and the best time to visit them and spot most of the number of tigers would be in the summer (March to June). You could even visit in the winter if you want better weather.

Central India is quite vast and spread out. From the states of Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh, central India has some of the more offbeat and untouched places to visit.

Madhya Pradesh has some lovely cities like Indore and Bhopal and some historical places like Ujjain and Mandu. Again the best time to visit would be in the winter from November to February.

Further up north towards Khajurao and Orchaa though you could visit all year round, the weather is better from October to March.

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the best time to visit Kerala Munnar tea plantations


The best time to visit India, and hence when the tourist season starts, is from November to the beginning of March.

This is when India faces mostly moderate temperatures in the South, Central and the flat parts of North India.

Certain parts of the high Himalayas are inaccessible in December and January, but by and large, you can expect clear sunny days across India.

Yes, great beach weather too across all those months.

Do bear in mind that October is a good month to visit most of India too, it is dry and not many tourists have still arrived. The afternoons in October can be a little hot, our only