Weather in India in December

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This article will give you some insight into the weather in India in December. December is when the winter arrives to India. India in December will vary depending on the region you visit. While South India gets pleasant temperatures and weather, the north can be extremely cold. It’s more than likely to snow in the mountains and you can go skiing! Plan accordingly to find the best places to visit in India in December.

Places to Visit in India in December December is a great month to travel across India as you can find good weather throughout.

weather in north India in December

December is a fantastic time to travel to Rajasthan and the neighbouring states: Gujarat, Madya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. North India is one of the best places to visit in India in December as you can use the full day for activities and sightseeing without it being excessively hot. Those areas are very hot from March to June and September to November. However, it can get very cold in the morning and at night; temperatures can drop to below 10ºC. Hotels will supply warm blankets. Prepare for this and pack warm clothes, scarfs, maybe even a hat and gloves, especially for the desert.

Weather in India in December may include fog, particularly in North India in December and January, and especially in Delhi and Agra. This causes flights and trains to get delayed sometimes, and a limited view of the Taj Mahal early in the morning. However, we think the fog adds to the beauty and magnificence of the building.

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Temperatures tend to drop in North India in December so keep in mind to pack all your thick clothes – Photo Credit Pradip Pal.


Weather in India in December can get pretty cold, particularly up North in the Himalayas. Most years it’ll snow in places like Shimla, Sikkim, or Manali. This can be a magical experience but can be quite disappointing for those trying to get a tan. If you’re interested in skiing, then Gulmarg or Auli are good options, but this will not be quite like the resorts are in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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Weather in India in December - sikkim The weather can get pretty cold up in the mountains and you’re liking to find snow almost everywhere.

weather in south India in December

The retreating monsoon along the east coast ends around mid-December. Cyclones may be prone to hit from the Bay of Bengal to Tamil Nadu, but not often; if at all, at the beginning of the month. Pondicherry, a former French colony with catholic influences, is a great destination if you want Christmas vibes.

In Kerala, the rainfall stops during December. While it’s quite warm all year round, in December it’s pleasantly warm or quite cool. In the mountainous areas like Munnar, Thekaddy or Wayanad, it can be as low as 17ºC. It is peak season on the beaches so prepare for large crowds around Varkala and Kovalam. Off the well-worn path, we’d recommend Marari Beach, just 45 minutes away from Alleppey. Kerala has also many Christian influences, especially in the Backwaters and Kochi region so it would also be a great destination for Christmas. See our route recommendations for Kerala here.

If you would like a warm winter getaway, Goa is the ultimate destination. However, it is best to book months in advance and plan a multiple-day stay as hotels don’t accept short stays. Prices are the highest at this time of the year with peak season supplement booking charges from December 20th until January 10th. Prepare for very crowded beaches.

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kerala - weather in india in december Kerala experiences very pleasant and warm weather making it ideal to plan a trip.


If you are interested in visiting the desert regions, we recommend an over-night safari, possible in Jaisalmer and some others, where you can experience the desert and a mesmerisingly full night sky. There are also two fun and interesting cultural fairs happening in the region in December. The Kumbalgarh (1st to 3rd) and the Mt. Abu Winter Festival (29th to 31st). For some suggestions on travel sites in Rajasthan read here.

December in India is the main season for many regions. Holidays in December to Rajasthan, South India and Goa need to be booked well in advance, preferably before September. Train tickets are often booked three months beforehand and flights can get very expensive. Emergency bus tickets are available but offer less comfort. Trips to the mountains in the north and northeast require very warm clothes and not every activity is possible, so be careful.

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jaisalmer - weather in rajasthan in december December is the perfect time to enjoy the night safaris in the deserts of Rajasthan.

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