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Travelling to India during the off-season

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Which months are off-season months in India?

The beginning of May until the end of September is considered off-season time for tourism in India. This period is divided into two seasons weather-wise i.e. May to June (summer season) and July to September (monsoon season).

May and June are relatively busy months for tourism in the Himalayas as schools are out for summer in India and a lot of families
plan trips to hills to escape the heat.

At India Someday, we strongly recommend tours to North India during the monsoons as the rains are light and the region does not receive prolonged spells of showers. You end up enjoying pleasant weather, light rains and green countryside.

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What is travelling during off-season like?

As India is vast, it all differs from region to region and also depending on whether you plan to visit during the summer or the monsoon months. The plus points of travelling during off -season time in India, other than in the Himalayas, you can expect to see a lot less crowd and enjoy great discounts on accommodation.

Summer off-season months – Expect really hot weather. You must prepare yourself for the heat, travel slow and pick accommodation with air-conditioning.

Monsoon off-season months – July onward the heat gets more bearable, often the weather can be in the mid 20’s. However, depending on which region you plan to visit you will encounter at least a little rain, with heavy showers in several areas.

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Tips/BENEFITS WHILE travelling during off-season months

  • May and June are the hot months. They’re better avoided unless you plan to spend time in the Himalayas.
  • July to September are the monsoon months. They are still considered off-season months for travelling in India. Kerala (South) receives a lot of rain during these months. However, we believe it is a great time to tour North
  • Across India you will enjoy fabulous hotel deals. Expect budget hotels to be 30% cheaper and upper end hotels to be up to 50% cheaper.  India has an amazing collection of palace and boutique hotels, that suddenly become affordable.
  • September marks the end of the off-season in India and is the best off-season month to visit India. While you might see a few more tourists, the monsoon showers have usually receded by then.
  •  India is a land of festivals and a lot of festivals are celebrated in August and September. These are mostly a variety of diverse harvest and religious festivals like the Ganesh Charturthi (festival for the elephant headed god), Onam (a ten day harvest festival in Kerala), Navrati (nine days festival to celebrate every form of the mother goddess) and Dusshera (religious festival based on the Hindu mythology of The Ramayana).

If you are unsure about when you want to visit India or how to organize your trip during off-season time, plan your trip with us . We can help you using our travel brains, candid advice and our own travel experiences.

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