Best Time to Visit India

October to March is the main travel season to visit India . Within this frame, December and January is absolutely peak time. So if you want to avoid hordes of tourists and still enjoy great weather October/November or February/March is the best time to visit.

When are the monsoons? What are they like?

Fewer tourists, fabulous discounts, gorgeous countryside, but a lot of rain. The monsoons in India begin in June and go on till September They bring with them beautiful landscapes, lush green hills and torrential downpour. It would definitely be a unique experience to visit India during the monsoons .

The regions of Kerala and Goa will have heavy rain, making it hard to get out and see the area. The one advantage of travelling here during the monsoon is that you can get some great deals on luxury hotels and boutique properties during this season. (discounts up to 50% are common).

The regions in the north are more arid and dry, so it’s easier to travel here in this season. Overall it is still considered off-season so hotels offer discounted prices and monuments are not crowded with tourists. The weather is also deliciously cool.

If you’re looking at travelling from June to September, we would recommend heading to the north of India (or braving a rain-drenched but serenely green and gorgeous South India).  You could also read a more detailed articles on travelling in off season.

When is summer and how hot can it get?

It can be really hot, unless you’re in the hills. Starting from late March to the start of the monsoons in mid or late June, you will experience the fiery Indian Summer, which is not a great time to travel. The northern region of Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan can get as hot as 45-50 degree Celsius. In the South, Goa and Kerala are peppered by cool breezes, but it is still very hot and humid. Beach time here would leave your skin burnt for sure.

This is the perfect time to visit the Himalayas or north east part of India. You can also visit the spiritual cities like Rishikesh which lie on the banks of the Holy river Ganga.

When is tourist season?

The main tourist season in India ranges from November to February. If you plan your holiday during this time, it is best to book at least three months in advance to get the best pick of hotels and easy access to train reservations.

The main tourist destinations such as Rajasthan, Agra (home to the Taj Mahal), Goa and Kerala get quite crowded. During New Years in particular, Goa is completely packed.

Having said this, if you like meeting other interesting travelers, and like a buzz and excitement around you while you travel, then there’s nothing quite like seeing India in peak season.

Events and Festivals

There are few events and festivals in India which are must visits. So if you can time your travel around them, it will make your trip even more magical. Diwali, the festival of lights is usually in October. Holi, festival of colours is in March. August and September are celebrated across the country with countless, diverse harvest festivals.

These seasons may not always coincide with the holiday dates you had in mind, but just give us a shout and we’ll help you plan the best trip for that time of the year. There’s always something great going on in India, and we know exactly where it all is!