backpacking in north india: rajasthan – Agra – delhi

Here we have drafted a 14 to 16 day backpacking tour in North India. In this trip, you’ll travel across Rajasthan, stopping at the magical desert town of Jaisalmer, the beautiful blue town of Jodhpur, Udaipur the city of lakes, the spiritual and religious haven Pushkar and more.

If you’d like to go on a similar route but need help optimizing your time and money, get in touch with us and we’ll help plan your trip perfect for you.

Shopping in India on a budget, Backpacking routes in India Leather shopping (Photo Credit – Suket Dedhia from Pixabay)

the Route

Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Pushkar – Delhi

Modes of transport for North India budget tour

Because your primary transport will be trains, this tour is quite economic. Trains are fast, dependable and a great way to experience North India and interact with the locals.

Where will you stay?

A mix of hostels (always safe, fun, and very social), homestays and small guest houses. In Jaisalmer, you’ll be able to camp in the desert. The varied mix of accommodation ensures your trip is budget friendly whilst also giving you the full experience.

Cost of the tour

The cost of the tour would approximately be GBP 460 per person depending on the following:

  • What time of the year you are travelling
  • Preference to always travel by A/C train (or sleeper class is fine)
  • If you like having a private room at all times (or dorms are perfect)
  • Travelling alone or a couple/group

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The cost includes

  • Overnight stay throughout your trip
  • All train tickets
  • Taxi and driver between cities when the train is not possible
  • India Someday planning and bookings fees
  • All taxes

Let us know how many travellers you would be and your wish list and we will help you plan your trip.

View of the sunset in India Sunset by the ocean

Highlights of travelling to North India

It is often said that India is not a holiday, but an experience. Travelling across North India will leave you with memories of a lifetime. Highlights of your India experience will vary from traveller to traveller, but here are some highlights that you can look forward to for this backpacking tour in North India – Rajasthan, Agra and Delhi.

1. The awe-inspiring New Delhi

New Delhi can be overwhelming but it’s definitely worth it. New Delhi has an incredibly rich history, interesting architecture, and great food (and we mean it). Expect to see a mix of charm and bustle in Old Delhi and glistening manicured lawns in New Delhi. Getting around can be surprisingly easy with the new amazing metro system.

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Budget backpacking in India, Backpacker tours across India Red Fort (Photo Credit – Ramesh SA)

2. Endless Desert and its Golden City

Jaisalmer is truly incredible, but the effort to get there makes it all the more satisfying. You’ll take an overnight train from Jaipur to reach Jaisalmer. The old city is beautiful, crafted in stone, sand and rock. Nicknamed the ‘Golden City,’ it’s by the edge of the Thar Desert where you’ll spend a night after witnessing the stunning sunset.

North India Backpacking tours, Budget tours around North India Camel Safari in Jaisalmer (Photo Credit – Ninara)

3. Riding the Indian Trains

Trains in India are a fascinating experience. There’s a distinct buzz of energy at the stations and you get lovely chai while on board. You get to see Indian families and often interact with them. Above all, you’ll see beautiful views of the countryside and little villages.

different class train travel India, Tips for backpackers in India Trains are a great way to see the countryside if travelling by day, and by night a great way to meet new people

4. Mouth watering North Indian food

For a foodie, India is the ultimate paradise. Treat yourself to amazing naan, curry, lassi, Indian sweets and much more. Home cooked food is always better, so the homestays will have amazing food. Do remember, the food can get a little on the spicy side, so try to prepare yourself for that!

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Cheap trips across North India, budget friendly trips in India North Indian Thali, a platter with different curries (Photo Credit – NoDurians)

5. Meet locals and fellow travellers

The hostels and hotels will allow you to meet a variety of interesting travellers along your backpacking tour in Rajasthan. This is always a plus, as you’ll make new friends and even stay with local families and soak in their traditions and culture.

backpacking tour in rajasthan, budget backpacking in north india, locals You’ll find yourself meeting so many nice and helpful people along the way

6. The Taj Mahal

You would be visiting the Taj Mahal. Do not miss the Agra Fort or the Baby Taj while you are in Agra. Click here to read impressions of Agra as experienced by your young travellers from Austria.

Taj Mahal, Seven wonders of the world, planning a backpacking trip to India Beautiful sights of the Taj Mahal (Photo Credit – Laxmi Lodhi from Pixabay)

7. Udaipur – The Romantic Lake city

One of your last stops will be at the beautiful lake city of Udaipur in all its magnificence.

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Udaipur lake, Backpacking routes in North India, why backpack in India Udaipur Lake

This tour can be customized to the number of days you are looking at travelling or specific places you’d like to see. In fact, we can help you plan trips to anywhere in India irrespective of your budget. For more information about backpacking in North India, and planning your trip to India feel free to get in touch with us! Don’t forget solo travellers get a 20% discount on our fees!

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