About Us

We are a team of passionate travellers who provide planning assistance for those who want to explore India independently. We would love to help you put together the perfect trip to fit your dreams.
Whatever your preferred style of travel, we’ll use our extensive knowledge to make sure you won’t waste a single precious moment trying to navigate the vast expanse of India. Whether you want to sleep in dorm rooms or four poster beds, we can help to get you there.

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Why India Someday

How we work


Candid advice from avid travelers

We are a small team that enjoys working closely with our guests to help them plan a personalized trip to India. We have many years of experience in exploring the length and breadth of our country. You can expect nothing but candid advice from us.


Transparent Pricing

The indicative travel plan that we draft for you has a complete break up of your route, hotel suggestions (with hotel website links and tripadvisor reviews), modes of transport and approximate costs for each. This is to give you complete transparency while planning your trip


You’re in control of your trip planning

We understand that this is your trip and each person has different preferences. So  we give you complete flexibility to make changes and suggestions to the route, hotels and mode of transport. We’ll provide recommendations based on our experiences, but you make the final decision.


Prompt Support - Before and During your Travels

There will always be someone on hand to support you before and during your trip.  Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

About India

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