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'India Someday' - Your travel to India with a little assistance

A holiday in India will leave you with memories for a lifetime. We want to assist you in planning a well thought, personalized and cost-effective Indian holiday.

Why us

The sheer variety of places to visit in India and the size of the country make it difficult to plan an Indian holiday. Which places to visit? Which destinations to skip?

Who we are

We are a young, energetic and resourceful travel company that enjoys working closely with our guests to help them plan an exciting Indian holiday experience.

What next

We would like to know more about your intended 'Trip to India', understand the kind of holiday you are looking for and assist you in planning your trip.
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467 trips since 2010

145 planned this year

700 happy customers

What guests are saying

  • "We used India Someday for our trip Harsh was very accommodating. We had an itinerary in mind but they helped us put all the pieces together. We went to Delhi-Agra-Pushkar-Jaipur. I'm used to doing all the bookings on my own but when I tried booking for trains, it was a headache for me! We had a great time in India and it is one of the most memorable trips I've had so far!"

    Catherine (Philippines) - Feb 2016

  • "India is so intriguing and mystical i knew as soon as I could afford it I would go. India Someday helped us with all the things we would struggle to do ourselves such as: book train tickets, find cheap yet beautiful accommodation, stay with Indian families, visit spots off the beaten tourist track as well as giving us invaluable support and advice while in India. Abbas and Aaliya have been a joy & have made our first visit to India one I will remember for all the right reasons"

    Emily and Orla (UK) - November 2015

  • "I read lots of glowing reports on Facebook and Trip Adviser about India Someday before getting your ideas, itinerary, quotes, hotel suggestions etc. They all said great things about you and all I want to do is simply say that they were all right! We have mentioned India someday to several people planning Indian trips and I hope for their sakes that they contact you! Thanks Abbas for a great job!"

    Julian Black (UK) - April 2015

  • "We spent 3 weeks in India. Friends advised us to contact India Someday few weeks before our departure. We didn't regret it !! Sneha from Indiasomeday was always very available and responsive. She offered a schedule that exactly matched our requirements. Without her help, we would have lost a lot of time and we would not have been able to visit all these wonderful places. In short, using India someday is more than useful, it is essential!"

    Aurelien (France) - November 2015

  • "For our 12day trip to India we used the services of India Someday and were more than satisfied, they enabled us to get the most out of our rather short holiday on a small budget. The planning was extremely uncomplicated and worry free. I'd highly recommend India Someday for your trip planning. Abbas and Harsh are both experienced travellers, their honest advice, transparent and flexible services will assure you hassle-free holidays."

    Kathi (Austria) - July 2015