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India is the land of blinding colours and dazzling lights. It demands all your attention, enticing you to come see, smell, taste and touch. With so much to do, first-time visitors might find themselves put off! India’s exasperating bureaucracy, having to rush from pillar to post and wrap their minds around the confusing informal travel options alongside the equally frustrating official requirements is a pain.

The sheer immensity of planning a trip to India may sometimes overpower you, and that’s where we step in. We help you navigate the complex web of visa requirements, travel bookings and choosing accommodation. Simultaneously, we help you acquaint yourself with the customs and sights of your destination. With all your preparation in place, you’re free to throw yourself headfirst into this intoxicating country and experience it wholeheartedly!

Here, we give you an introduction to Indian geography and an introduction to Indian culture.

Street food in India

Blogs that will help you organise your trip

Here is some advice if you’re travelling from western countries about the cultural differences and laws you should pay attention to, that differ to your own: If you are travelling to India from Australia, from the USA or from the UK then read these blogs.

Further, read up on whether you would like to visit North or South India so that when you plan your trip with us you have an idea of what places you’d like to see.

Also see our information on applying for a visa, tips for train travel, and advice on budget.

India Someday helps you plan your trip to India and ensures that your energy gets put to good use where it belongs—travelling.

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Everything you need to know about India is here We have tried writing about everything you may need help with for your trip to India, If you need help in planning a trip to India Get in touch with us to to plan your trip of a life time.

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