Travelling to India from Australia

travelling to india from australia

At India Someday, we can help you on your travels to India. In this article, we offer extensive guidance on travelling to India from the US. We cover how to get an Indian Visa for American citizens, vaccinations, flight information and more.

Travelling to India from the UK


Travelling to India from Australia? You are eligible for an e-visa! For more information on this, see our blog post regarding e-visas. It’s best to start this process sooner rather than later, as visas are required prior to your arrival, and for India only. If your plan is to add on Sri Lanka or Nepal to your trip, we recommend taking out a regular visa.

Once you land, make sure you have a copy of your visa stored in a separate bag from the original, in case one gets lost or stolen.

For more information about obtaining an Indian visa for Australian citizens, check your government’s website.

Travelling to India from Austrailia


Vaccination requirements for Australian nationals are stipulated by the Indian Embassy rather than the Australian. However, they only specify that if you are travelling to India from Australia from a Yellow Fever endemic area, you must provide a vaccination certificate.

We’d strongly recommend making sure you’re up to date on any vaccines and boosters that are required in your own country. For some areas, it is advised to carry anti-malarial pills. If you’re on any prescription drugs, carry a sufficient amount to last you the trip, along with the prescription for them. It’ll help if you know the generic names of these drugs, in case you misplace them and have to restock with local equivalents.

While in India, stick to bottled and filtered water, and eat hot and well-cooked food. We recommend speaking to a Healthcare Professional for any guidance or information you may need.


Generally, the best cities to fly into from Australia are Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai. For cheaper flights, it is best to travel between September and March, as prices are likely to skyrocket between May and July. Some flights from Melbourne and Sydney can go as low as $700 one way if flying from September to December.


With the exceptions of some of the northern areas, India is widely classified as a warm, tropical country. India can reach extremely high temperatures, as well as high humidity and UV levels. Indian summer begins in April and lasts until the beginning of October. To experience luscious greenery, a great time to visit is between September and December, after the monsoon season. For more information about Indian climate depending on the time of year, visit our blog posts regarding Weather in India in each month.

cultural differences

Consider that there are differences in customs when travelling to India from Australia. We recommend to always try to be modest, courteous and conscious of your behaviour.

  • Criminal penalties, especially for consumption or possessions of drugs and extending your stay beyond your visa are harsh and include a sentence of up to 10 years jail time. While your government will do what they can to help you under the Consular Services Charter, they cannot physically release you from jail.
  • It is important to remove your shoes before entering a home, store or particularly a temple, if you see others doing the same.
  • In visiting places of religious significance, it is important to dress conservatively and to be mindful and respectful of local sentiments.
  • Laws on decency are open to interpretation, so it is important to be careful about engaging in public displays of affection.
  • Feet are considered as unclean by many. Be sure to always apologise if you step on something, or accidentally touch someone with your feet.
  • Lack of personal space is common in India, so do not be offended is people openly stare, or brush up against you. However, avoid crowded places if it makes you uncomfortable. If you feel unsafe, go to the police for help.
  • Whilst the English language is a widely spoken and utilised language in India, it may be difficult to recognise at first. Indian-English has its own rich flavour borrowed from local languages.
  • Smoking in public is illegal in India, though you’re likely to see everyone doing it. Just be aware that the law exists in case you’re questioned.
  • You can expect delays in travel which are common. Smaller commercial boats and buses rarely carry safety equipment.


  • Remember that photography of airports and military areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Legal drinking ages vary from 18 to 25 across states and drinking is completely banned in a few.
  • Deliberate killing or maiming of a cow is a nationwide offence. Further, consumption or possession of beef is a criminal offence in some states.
  • Some Australian criminal laws apply to Australians overseas. For more information, please check your government’s website. Australians who commit these offences while overseas may be prosecuted in Australia.


India is a huge, incredible and fascinating country with a myriad of interesting experiences to do and see. We would recommend a minimum of 14 day trip, especially if it is your first time here. This way, you can cover one or maybe two regions. We have a wide variety of sample routes that may give you inspiration. If you have something else in mind, do not hesitate to contact us with your queries, and we’ll sort everything for you!

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