Is India a child friendly destination

Is India a child friendly destination?

If we were to be brutally honest, India would not top the list for being the most child friendly destination to visit in the world, particularly if you’re short on time.

There is considerable travel time involved in getting between destinations and regions, and these journeys can often be uncomfortable. Food can be spicy and the stark differences from Western cuisine can be overwhelming. There is also a complete absence of quality amusement parks.
On the other hand, if you take the time to pace yourself between destinations, there’s no country more rich with life-affirming experiences than India. Lush, bountiful National Parks where you can catch an elephant or camel ride, camping out in the desert under the stars, Ziplining across the treetops, exploring ancient forts and mind-blowing hot air balloon rides, to name a few.

The beaches of Goa are warm even in the winter months and safe for swimming, with a wide availability of Western food and fun beach activities.
We work closely with our guests to cater trips that are child-centric, if need be. Choose small-personalized hotels/homestays that are spacious and enjoyable for children and recommend/pre-book activities for the family.

For many of our guests traveling as a family, India has been a moving experience for the children. At times tiring, but very rewarding. Well-traveled families find India a lot easier than others.
Click here for a more detailed understanding on what different regions have to offer for child-centric holidays.

Child-Friendly Holiday ideas and activities for North India.

North India and Rajasthan in particular offer a lot of activities that are great fun for children.
One must bear in mind that distances between destinations can be quite large in North India. Multiple drives of over five hours long or train journeys equally long (sometimes overnight) have to be included to explore the region.

Activities for children in North India

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan offers a couple of fantastic elephant outings. Both of them are about half a day long and include a series of mini activities with elephants. They’re set on a farm, on the outskirts of the city:
Dera Amer 

A more expensive but even more amazing activity is hot air ballooning over the city of Jaipur. It’s offered in other cities too, but the most spectacular view is here:
Sky Waltz

Ranthambore National Park is another great destination for children, especially its Tiger Safari, where spotting tigers is not uncommon.
Other options are ziplining at the Meharangarh Fort in Jodhpur, camping overnight under the stars in Jaisalmer and learning about the dramatic history of the many ancient forts.

Child Friendly activities in Kerala

Kerala is another very interesting destination for children. In addition to countless activities and the natural bounty, the driving distances between places is much shorter, all around 2-4 hours long.
There’s great trekking and hiking options, elephant farms to explore, temples to learn about and boating, fishing and surfing at the many beaches and backwater resorts.

Goa offers a lot of children friendly resorts.

Points to note:

Babysitting facilities are uncommon in India

Very rarely in India do hotels not allow children

Most hotels allow young children to stay for free, maybe charging for an additional mattress in the room
We’ve planned several trips with children involved and we know to keep both their safety and their entertainment at the forefront of our itineraries. Across a couple of emails we can figure out what sights and travel plans best suit your individual family needs so you can have the holiday of your dreams, stress-free.