A Safari trip to Tadoba National Park

Our friend Jenny decided to write a guest blog for us on planning a Safari Trip to Tadoba National Park. Jenny works with Tigers Heaven Resort in Tadoba, and definitely knows the inside scoop! Visit Tadoba National Park to glance at the beautiful wildlife India has to offer, including the famous Bengal tiger.

In 1955, the Tadoba Tiger Reserve was established and named after the local deity, Taru. According to the mythology, the tribal God Taru was famously killed by a tiger and a shrine was devoted to him on the banks of river Tadoba. Soon after the park became declared a reserve in the year 1993 and since then has gained huge popularity.

Wildlife in India Photography at the National Park

Location of the Tadoba National Park

Situated in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, the national park lies in the centre of the forest reserve, located within the Chimu hills. The park has been combined with the Andhari sanctuary to create the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve.


The extraordinary landscape includes valleys, meadows, lakes and hills. Tadoba Lake, situated in the centre of the park, creates a picturesque and beautiful landscape. The National Park is the oldest and largest that you can visit in Maharashtra, completely encompassed by roughly 600 sq km of surrounding forest area.

Flora and Fauna

The diversity of flora and fauna in this national park is vast. Deciduous forests fill the entire reserve. The vegetation mainly includes Sal, Semul and Mahua. The national park also has Mango and Jamun fruit trees dotted around. Enjoy the unique experience walking through this natural reserve spotting tigers, spotted deer, wild dogs, leopard, sloth bear, blue bull, wild boar, the langur, flying squirrel and more.


Winter can be severe during the months of December to February. Summer starts from March to May followed by the monsoon season prevailing from June to September. It is always advisable to avoid the forests during the monsoons due to the risk of heavy downpour and flooding. Post monsoon season the best time to visit the national park is from February to May.  Furthermore, the park remains open throughout the year except on Tuesdays.

Where to Stay?

In the midst of the wildlife, you can stay in the budget resorts at Tadoba National Park. There are various camps and resorts that can provide you with great accommodation options. The Maharashtra Tourism Development and Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra control a selection of these resorts. Available are a variety of eco huts, guest houses and dormitories at cheap rates and some of the lodges may offer viewpoints for spotting the wildlife.

Places to spot rare birds in India (Photo Credit – Rohit Varma, Flickr)

Safari Ride

The major attraction of staying at the Tadoba National Park is the safari ride that will provide you with the unique opportunity of getting up close with nature. Embark on an open jeep safari as it enables you to enjoy the excitement right under your nose. You can experience safe encounters with the world-famous Bengal tigers on the safari ride as you travel in open, comfortable jeeps.

Here you will observe jungle cats, hyenas, wild bears, and cheetahs as well. The park is also home to over 180 species of birds including endangered species of water birds. You can also spot migratory ducks and marsh crocodiles around Tadoba Lake.

Proof of identification is required before you can enter the park. Foreigners will also have to show their passport upon entry. All of these are mandatory for an open jeep tour. For an unforgettable experience, hire a tour guide for detailed information about the different species you can find in the forest. Make sure to book your safari tour in advance from Chandrapur.

National Park timings are:

06:30 hrs to 10:30 hrs, then 13:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs (November-February)

06:00 hrs to 10:00 hrs, then 14:30 hrs to 18:30 hrs (March-June)

Best wildlife sanctuary in India If you are lucky, you will spot a tiger!

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