Why Your Next Holiday Should Be In India

Incredible history and culture? Check. Amazing wildlife experiences? Check. Diverse natural beauty? Check. Mouth-watering food? That one’s most definitely got a big check! Just thinking about all the reasons why holidays in India are a great idea that makes us want to hit the road again.

We understand that coming to India can be a bit daunting (and that’s why we’re here!) – it is a vast country that you could spend a lifetime travelling across. But the fact is, no matter what sort of holiday you’re looking for, you’ll certainly find it here.

A vacation in India can be rewarding in unimaginable ways – it’s a place that invites you to reconnect with nature, and to reconnect with yourself. Each part of the country is unique and special in its own way.

Here’s why we think India should feature on your must-visit list

Why visit India on your next holiday, Indian women in fields (Photo Credit – Free Photos)

We do colour (and chaos!) like no one else!

Whenever we think – ‘why India?’ this is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s overflowing with cultural experiences, and in every direction you look, there’s bursts of colour and vibrance!

There’s always a festival to witness, and even everyday life offers plenty of stimulation to your senses. This can get overwhelming at times, so it’s a good thing, then, that.

Holiday in India Festival of colours – Holi! (Photo Credit – Shekharchopra85)

There’s peace to be found

Coming to India is what people do when they’re looking to find themselves, and we can see why! From some absolutely tranquil places, like the mountainscapes of Ladakh and the verdant green hills of Munnar, to the thread of spirituality that runs through life in India, peace and calm is up for the taking here.

You can retreat from the world to a secluded getaway when you’ve had enough of the clamour and chaos of the cities. You can sign up for yoga classes and centre yourself. Cleanse your body and soul with an Ayurveda program. The options are endless!

Check out our articles on Spirituality in India for more.

Ladakh_landscape, Why visit Leh Ladak India Stunning views of the snow-capped mountains

It’s like visiting a new country every day

Crossing state lines in India invariably means discovering a whole new culture – everything is different! Clothes, food, architectural styles, even languages vary in different regions of the country, and it’s an amazing thing to experience.

As you journey from place to place, you get glimpses into a variety of new worlds, all interlinked, but yet unique in their own ways.

Holiday in India during festivals Pushkar Camel Fair, popular opportunity to witness an old traditional style Indian festival (Photo Credit – Ashish Sangai)

The food is incredible and diverse!

Another reason why India should be on the top your list is the food! Indian food might be limited to curries and kebabs when you’re outside the country, but the food that you get once you’re here is a whole other story. Like we said before, each region has its distinct culture, and the foods display that oh-so-well!

Each part of the country embraces ingredients that are local to that area and suited to the climate as well. Acordingly, you’ll get light, fresh, coconutty meals towards the South, and richer, denser flavours as you travel Northwards.

In fact, we think that exploring the country through its diverse food offerings is one of the best ways to understand it. A lot of traditional Indian foods are very seasonal. The recipes have been crafted keeping in mind what’s best for the body at different times of the year, along with what’s locally available.

Yes, we’ve been doing that for centuries now! And, we know how to cook vegetables like no one else, if we may say so ourselves.

Food in India, Tours around India Delicious Rajasthani Thali (Photo Credit – Trisha Soni)

Our forests are full of wild surprises

Swathes of India are covered in forests, and they’re rich in a wide variety of wildlife. India has so much to offer apart from the majestic tiger, which is what most visitors want to see. There are rhinos, bears, elephants of course, and plenty of other creatures big and small. It’s also a great destination for bird-watching. With a huge range of avifauna, both resident and migratory, that can be seen.

The jungles in the middle of the country are tiger land, the Northeast is home to the rhinos, the South to leopards and elephants, and the Himalayas are home to the majestic snow leopard, red panda, and much more. There’s even the Western Ghats, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is classified as a hot-spot of biological diversity. No matter which part of the country you visit, there’s something wild to be seen!

wildlife in India, Safari tours in India Most beautiful white Bengal Tiger (Photo Credit – Juda M)

Best Time to Visit India

The sheer size of the country means that you’re bound to have a good time in some part of the country. This is irrespective of when in the year you visit. But, the general consensus is that the best time to visit India is in its winter months, from November to March.

It’s when the weather is at its most pleasant (though the more mountainous parts get snowbound). Also, there are plenty of festivals at this time of year, too. However, as this is peak tourist season, be prepared for higher prices and more crowds.

Our blog is full of articles that will help you find the right part of India to visit, whenever you decide to come! Read more to understand in detail the best time to visit India.

Misty mountains are a wonderfully relaxing time (Photo Credit – Sathish Kumar Periyasamy)

We’ll be more than happy to help you plan your trip to India. Get in touch and let us know what interests you most!

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