Getting from Bangalore to Kerala

Bangalore, the growing capital of Karnataka, is one of the youngest cities in India and one of the most delightful to visit! Coined the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, it’s a hot spot for jobs, partying, shopping, architecture and nightlife. Going further South, you will reach ‘God’s own country’ Kerala is known for it’s gorgeous backwaters, but there are also plenty of beaches, mountains and wildlife sanctuaries that make the state very popular. Kerala is a nature lover’s paradise. If you’re interested in getting from Bangalore to Kerala, we have suggested the different ways you can in this article.

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different ways of getting from bangalore to kerala

By Flight

Getting from Bangalore to Kerala by flight is probably the easiest mode of transport. Airlines such as IndiGo, SpiceJet and Air India have daily flights from Bangalore to Ernakulam (Kerala).  The flights are inexpensive and short and it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to reach Kochi, a major historical port city.

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By Train

The Bangalore-Ernakulam Inter-city Express runs between Bangalore and Kerala every day. The train leaves from Bangalore City Junction at 06:15 Hrs and reaches Ernakulam at around 17:00 Hrs. Sometimes the train can run late making it a journey as long as 12 hours. However, this is a great train to enjoy the countryside as the entire journey would be in daylight.

Alternatively, the Kanyakumari-Bangalore City-Kanyakumari Express is another great option. It’s also known as the ‘Island’ Express and is a good bet to travel from Bangalore to Kerala. This train leaves everyday at 20:00 Hrs and arrives at 12:50 Hrs at Trivandrum Central.

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By Bus

Getting a bus from Bangalore to Kerala isn’t at all difficult. Everyday there are a number of buses that’ll take you to Kerala. You can book the tickets online. Remember, booking for these buses only open 20 to 30 days in advance. You won’t be able to book it while planning your trip initially.

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