The 5 Most Luxuriously Indulgent Hotels in India

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When it comes to luxury hotels, you can find some of the best luxury hotels in India. At the core of Indian culture is hospitality. “Atithi Devo Bhava” is a motto most Indians follow, which means, “A guest is akin to God”. So when you stay anywhere in India, you can rest assured that you will get the best treatment, especially when it comes to India’s many luxurious hotels.

Here is our pick of some of the best luxury hotels in India.

Taj Mahal Palace hotel Mumbai, Palace hotels in India The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai

The Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Set amidst the waters of Lake Pichola, the pristine Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is one of the most extravagant and luxurious hotels in India. The structure, built of white marble, floats across the shimmering lake waters, exuding an otherworldly charm.

The Taj Lake Palace was originally built by Maharana Jagat Singh II in 1746 as a summer retreat for royals of the Mewar dynasty. Centuries later, guests here are still treated as royalty by the butlers and staff who have waited on guests like Queen Elizabeth and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Guests can choose from a variety of restaurants offering a wide range of Indian as well as international cuisines. The Jiva Spa is ideal for spa treatments and healing therapies. Be it a walk in the lush gardens or a relaxing boat ride on the lake, every whim and fancy of the guests is catered for by the adept staff.

Great for: Honeymoons, anniversaries and any other very special occasion.

Udaipur Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Taj Lake Palace Hotel, Best luxury hotel in Rajasthan, 5 star hotel in Rajasthan

The Leela Palace, Udaipur

On the banks of Lake Pichola is another extravagant retreat – the Leela Palace in Udaipur, a part of the Leela Group, one of the largest hotel chains in India. The interiors are inspired by Rajasthani architecture, fusing traditional Indian style with all the modern amenities a guest would need.

The 80 lavish rooms and suites offer breathtaking views of Lake Pichola and the Aravalli hills, while the spa provides Ayurvedic treatments. The hotel has delectable dining options from all over the world, ensuring that you have a royal experience.

Some other luxurious Leela Group hotels include Leela Palace, Chennai, Leela Palace, Delhi, and Leela Palace, Jaipur.

Great for: A luxurious Rajasthani hospitality

The Taj Mahal Palace

The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai is a rich blend of Oriental, Moorish, and Florentine styles of architecture steeped in history. Inaugurated in 1903, the opulence of the Taj Mahal Hotel is renowned all over the world.

With guests like George Bernard Shaw and Barack Obama to its credit, the Taj has extra tight security since the 2008 terrorist bombings. The intricately designed rooms and suites offer panoramic views of the Arabian Sea or the bustling cityscape. With Michelin-star restaurants, spa facilities, and a terrific outdoor pool, the Taj offers impeccable service to its guests.

Great for: Unending views of the Arabian Sea in the city that never sleeps

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur

Another Taj Group property, Umaid Bhavan is one of the most expensive luxury hotels in India, and with good reason: it is one of the world’s largest private residences, belonging to the Jodhpur royal family.

The Umaid Bhawan Palace was built by Maharaja Umaid Singh between 1928 and 1943. The Makrana marble used in the palm court is the same that was used in the construction of the Taj Mahal by Shah Jahan in Agra.

Part of the residence has been converted into a heritage hotel since 1972, blending together Indo-Saracenic architecture and Art Deco style into 70 luxurious rooms and suites fit for a royal stay. A part of it is still home to the current Maharaja of Jodhpur.

You can often spot peacocks across the sprawling 26 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and courtyards. You will be spoilt for choice with the array of experiences the hotel offers, such as retail therapy, visiting the on-site museum, enjoying a game of snooker, or getting ayurvedic treatments at the Jiva Grande Spa.

Great for: When you feel like being treated like royalty.

Heritage hotels in India, Best Luxury hotels in North India Umaid Bhawan Heritage Hotel (Photo Credit – VD)

Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kumarakom

From God’s own country, Kerala, comes the luxurious Kumarakom Lake Resort. Situated on the banks of the tranquil Vembanad lake, this resort is the perfect blend of traditional architecture and modern-day conveniences.

Sprawled across 25 acres of lawns, Kumarakom Lake Resort blends the charm of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage with world class amenities that ensure a luxurious stay. The south Indian architecture of the resort uses traditional materials sourced from different ancestral homes across Kerala.It also features a pool that links all the cottages together. 

Great for: A luxurious break on a family holiday.

calmness of the backwaters, South Indias top luxurious hotels to stay at Green luxury (Photo credit – Dhimant Patel)

Taj Falaknuma Palace

Sitting at an elevation of 2000 feet above the city, the majestic Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad is an opulent affair. Once the residence of the Nizams (rulers) of the richest kingdom of pre-independence India, the magnificent hotel exudes the luxury and grandeur of a bygone era.

Venetian chandeliers, intricate frescoes, priceless murals and handcrafted furniture adorn the palace, creating a regal air. The terraces of the palace offer mesmerizing views of the city. That’s not all, though – the palace offers impeccable services and a range of experiences, including a heritage walk of the palace, to make your stay a memorable one.

Great for: A glimpse into how the other half lives, at one of the most opulent hotels in the country.

Falaknuma Palace hotel, luxurious hotels in India Falaknuma Palace (Photo Credit – Saurabh Chatterjee)

The Oberoi Amarvilas

You need to see the Taj Mahal to believe it. No photograph or description, however eloquent, could do it justice. At the Oberoi Amarvilas, you can do that from the comfort of your suite.

Situated a mere 600 meters from the iconic Taj Mahal, the Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra is one of the most luxurious hotels in India. The architectural wonder of the hotel is such that each of the opulent 102 rooms and suites offers a mesmerizing view of the legendary monument. 

This alone justifies its place among India’s most luxurious hotels. But there is a lot more to Amarvilas than just the view: every room is outfitted with the choicest of furnishing, and the hospitality is without fault.

The reflection pools, terraced lawns, fine dining restaurants, spa treatments, and wellness facilities offer you a regal luxury and comfort that remains unparalleled.

The Oberoi Amarvilas is built and owned by the Oberoi Group, which also owns the grand Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur, and the lavish Oberoi, New Delhi.

Great for: An indulgent break as you travel across North India, with the Taj Mahal always in your line of sight.

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The Oberoi AmarVilas Taj view room, Luxury tours in India Stunning views of Taj Mahal (Photo Credit – The Oberoi AmarVilas Agra)

Rambagh Palace

Located in Jaipur, the Rambagh Palace is known as the “Jewel of Jaipur”. It was originally built in 1835 as a garden house for the queen’s favorite handmaiden. It went through many expansions and renovations, from royal guesthouse, hunting lodge, to the royal residence of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and his queen, Maharani Gayatri Devi.

In 1957, it was converted into a luxury hotel  by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II. Today, the palace offers 78 restored rooms and suites, once the chambers of the former king.

Intricately carved latticework, huge crystal chandeliers, and sprawling Mughal Gardens give the palace an air of splendour. A museum in the palace displays royal artefacts of the Maharajas and Maharanis (Kings and Queens) of Jaipur, such as portraits, exquisite artworks, weapons, and furniture.

Great for: an opulent, luxurious stay

Aman-i-Khas, Ranthambore National Park

Surrounded by the majestic Aravalli Hills, Aman-i-Khas is a luxurious experience like no other, as it is situated close to Ranthambore National Park. A mirage of grandeur amidst the wilderness, the hotel’s accommodations include 10 luxury tents complete with state of the art amenities and a five-star experience.

With king-sized beds, hot showers, and marble bathtubs, along with a spa, a pool, a library, and restaurant, these lavish tents take camping to a whole new level. You can immerse yourself in the wildlife of the forest in the true sense, as well as go on wildlife safaris through the Ranthambore National Park.

Great for: experiencing wildlife without compromising on comfort and luxury


What constitutes a luxury hotel in India?

When it comes to travel experiences, luxury hotels in India offer an unparalleled level of comfort, opulence and indulgence. From the serene backwaters of Kerala to the vibrant city of Mumbai or India’s capital New Delhi, these hotels redefine luxury, offering travellers an escape into a world of indulgence and splendour. India’s exceptional accommodations redefine the art of hospitality, offering travellers a taste of extravagance against the rich cultural backdrop of the country. Let us delve into the various factors that constitute luxury hotels in India:

Architectural Grandeur:

Luxury hotels in India boast awe-inspiring architectural marvels that fuse traditional elements with contemporary design. The Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur is a prime example, floating like a jewel on Lake Pichola. Its luxurious rooms, white marble facade, intricate carvings and domed architecture harken back to royal Mewar aesthetics, creating an enchanting ambiance.

Exceptional Service:

Whether it is The Oberoi New Delhi or Kumarakom Lake Resort, impeccable service is a hallmark of luxury hotels in India. Personalised attention, 24/7 concierge services and a dedicated staff ensure guests’ needs are met promptly and with utmost care. The Oberoi Amarvilas in Agra is known as one of the best hotels for its gracious hospitality, not only providing a private view of the iconic Taj Mahal from each room but also top-notch fine dining.

Lavish Accommodations:

Luxury hotels offer lavish rooms and suites, meticulously designed with exquisite decor and state-of-the-art amenities. The Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, a former royal residence, now boasts opulent suites adorned with precious fabrics, antique furniture and modern conveniences, providing an experience fit for kings and queens. You may walk through a UNESCO world heritage site like Hawa Mahal in the day and return to your own palace at night. 

Culinary Delights:

Fine dining experiences are a highlight of luxury hotels in India. They often house award-winning restaurants helmed by renowned chefs. The Leela Palace Udaipur houses the famous Sheesh Mahal restaurant, offering a regal ambiance and a delectable array of Indian cuisines.

Spa and Wellness:

Luxury hotels pamper guests with world-class spa and wellness facilities. The Ananda in the Himalayas is a haven of tranquillity, nestled in the foothills, offering holistic therapies, yoga retreats and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. You can tell how luxurious a hotel is by the quality of your spa treatment. And if immersing yourself in a crystal aqua outdoor pool is your choice of relaxation, then the Leela Palace in Udaipur doesn’t disappoint.

Cultural Immersion:

Many luxury hotels in India provide opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in the local culture. The Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad arranges heritage walks, allowing visitors to explore the Nizam’s palatial residence and its historical significance.

Exclusive Experiences:

These hotels curate exclusive experiences to ensure an unforgettable stay. The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur offers private picnics in the royal gardens, vintage car rides and curated city tours, giving guests a taste of the regal lifestyle. 

Scenic Locations:

Luxury hotels often boast breathtaking locations. The Wildflower Hall in Shimla, nestled amidst the Himalayas, offers panoramic views, outdoor activities and an ambiance that fosters both relaxation and adventure. For the wildlife enthusiasts, who prefer to immerse themselves in nature and be one with their wild sides, the Ranthambore National Park provides luxury tents for the adventurous traveller.

As you embark on your journey to India, consider immersing yourself in the lap of luxury to experience the country’s hospitality at its finest.

Luxury hotels in South India Luxury hotels in India ( Photo Credit – Yeskay1211_Pixabay)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does India have a 7-Star hotel?

Indeed, India’s Taj Falaknuma Palace is considered a 7-star hotel, thanks to its next-level facilities, opulent architectural grandeur and high-end exclusive experiences for their guests.

What is the most beautiful hotel in India?

While many hotels in India boast unspeakable beauty, some of the luxury hotels that top the charts include The Oberoi Udaivilas, Wildflower Hall and Leela Palace Udaipur.

What is a 10 Star hotel?

While 5 and 7-star hotels are predominantly the highest ratings given to hotels around the world, there is such a thing as a 10-star hotel, known for its extensive amenities, incredibly lavish architecture and decor, bespoke service and amenities, and unbelievably stunning visual experiences. Currently, the Burj Al Arab Dubai is the world’s only 10-star hotel. 

Which hotel do celebrities stay in India?

Most celebrities from India tend to travel abroad for their vacations, since they prefer the privacy of a foreign country. However, there are many that choose exclusive luxurious holiday spots in India as well. While there are many luxury hotels sprawled across the country, a popular destination for most celebrities is Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Why are hotels so expensive in India?

There are many factors that affect the pricing of hotels in India, namely:

  • Season
  • Booking volume (solo versus corporate bookings)
  • Type of accommodation

To avoid very expensive hotel tariffs, try booking in advance in the off-season months. Chances are the prices will be much lower and more affordable.

common queries rearding travel to India Frequently asked questions (photo credits : milos-lopusina_unsplash)

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