How much time in India is enough?

Ideal duration for India Tour

You can spend six months  of time in India and still not see all of the country. Unfortunately not a lot of people have the luxury of that much time.

If you are looking at a practical time frame to tour India and be able to really experience the country, culture and see a few diverse regions then you should look at spending at least three weeks in the country.

How much of India can you see in three weeks?

It really depends on the pace of travel that you enjoy and your budget. Traveling by train, bus or even rented car is fairly inexpensive India. However, including a lot of flights can make your trip expensive. More flights would mean more regions that you can visit.

Ideally we would recommend touring two regions in the span of three weeks. So you could look at touring North India i.e. Delhi – Agra – Varanasi – Rajasthan and visit the Himalayas. Alternatively, you can visit up to three or four states in South India. Goa – Karnataka – Tamil Nadu and Kerala

If you do not mind taking a few internal flights then you can look at a North and South India tour. However, you would only be able to visit a few places in each region. If you think this would be your only trip to India then that is an option you can choose.

Always remember that travelling between places in India; especially road travel can take time. It can be a little tiring and you could fall ill. Try not to be too greedy, often less is more.

Spending two weeks time in India

Two weeks is often the maximum time duration one can take time off from work. Also, if this is your first trip to Asia or to a very different/chaotic country then you might want to visit India for two weeks.

Ideally try and visit only one region in a time frame of two weeks. You can do a good mix of highlight places and some less popular places in North India. (or the same for South India)

You could also look at a 8-9 day North India tour and end with 4-5 days on the beach. While one can rush and tour both North and South India in a couple weeks. However, you would only be scratching the surface without really experiencing either region.

Spending a month or longer in India

India is a great value for money destination in terms of stay and food. Train travel is remarkably inexpensive, but you have to book tickets in advance. If you plan well in advance you can also book some key flights at a good price.

You can visit multiple regions, you can do some volunteering work or one could even spend time at Ashram. There’s more than sufficient to do and see.

Do remember India, at first is not an easy destination and will give you a culture shock. If you plan to stay in India longer you would miss home. However, you will certainly end with a more deeper Indian and enjoyable India experience the more time you spend in the country.

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