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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

Over the last decade, there has been an increased demand for eco-friendly hotels in India. As a traveler to India, you can now experience some fantastic sustainable options from homestays to luxury ones. At the brink of the green movement, the community stays do showcase India’s unique culture, heritage and tries to preserve the environment. Listed below are some homestays and hotels who thrive to reduce the carbon footprint on the Earth.

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SwaSwara, Gokarna, Karnataka

The SwaSwara is an eco-friendly retreat property of CGH earth group. Nestled amongst the forested hills of Gokarna overlooking the Arabian Sea, It can be reached by flight to Goa. They have built an eco-friendly hotel with a zero-waste policy.

Providing a great location for yoga under a thatched roof on the religious Om beach, Guests can spend time kayaking, learning pottery, go on hikes, reading books from their own library. Enjoy the homegrown organic garden fruits and vegetables and explore the untouched nature surrounding the property.

Eco stay in Gokarna Meditate near the religious Om beach: Credit – TripAdvisor

Elephant Valley, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

On the Pallini hills of the western ghats is Elephant valley, close to Kodaikanal, one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in India. Each house provides a beautiful garden view along the Gangavaar River.

Uniquely designed with reclaimed infrastructure and antique pieces of furniture and focus on the consumption of non-conventional sources of energy, this property motivates the green movement of India.

Green homestay in South Surrounded by beautiful trees: Credit – Tripdavisor 

Punjabiyat: Itmenaan Lodge, Amritsar, Punjab

Mud hut cottages are the concept of this property, surrounded by rich fields of mustard and irrigated lands. Far from the bustling city of Amritsar, Itmenaan lodge provides a good rustic rural experience.

If you are a sucker of Bollywood during the ’90s this is a perfect place to fulfill your fantasy. Indulge in on-farm activities and enjoy hearty Punjabi meals Punjabiyat style.

Homestay in Punjab fields Beautiful lush yellow mustard flower in front of the property: credit – Tripadvisor

Chhotaram Prajapat’s Homestay, Salawas, Rajasthan

Displaying the true Rajasthani culture, warm welcoming community, this homestay strives to uphold the essence of the heritage society of Bishnoi people. Almost a half hour’s drive from the city of Jodhpur, relive your peace among the ethenic culture and insight that respects nature.

In this village of the Salawas, people believe in burying the deceased then in cremating unlike other Hindus to preserve the trees. Eco-friendly stay like Chhotaram Prajapat’s Homestay may not provide the luxuries of life but focus on the comfort and connect the tourist’s travel purpose.

Rural stay in Jodhpur Evening view of Chhotaram Prajapat’s Homestay: Credit – Tripadvisor

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Bhoramdeo Jungle Retreat, Bhoramdeo, Chattisgarh

A perfect place for privacy and serenity in the sheltered Verandahs of this retreat. Where all the five rooms door open to the local tribes to get you in the touch of Chhattisgarhi people. The owner believes in the tribe’s welfare and protection and spreads smiles along.

The guest loves the originality and makes you one with the local cuisine. It’s a peaceful 2-3 hours journey from the capital city of Chattisgarh. For Nature lovers, there are a number of hiking trails services and amongst them, the best is the hike to Kanha National park with an overnight camp en-route.

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Ocean Deck Beach Home Stay, Karwar, Karnataka

A paradise for fish food lovers,  offering great activities like boating, kayaking, and relaxing on white sand on the northern belt of Karnataka. This Beach Home Stay can be reached via flight too, Goa being the nearest airport. The owner, Mr. Vinayak believes in conserving the eco-friendly lifestyle and hence has personally used all the wood used for the artifacts, housing furniture from the fallen or dead trees, and claims to have never used packaged food or drinking water in the last two decades.

Owing to the efforts to preserve the ecosystem and mangrove plantations.Mr. Vinayak is also called the mangrove man of Karwar.

Voluntering in afforestation In South India Volunteer in planting mangrove saplings: Credit –

Atithi Parinay

Find yourself amidst the plantation of luscious Mangoes, Bananas & Coconut. Away from the busiest cities of Pune & Mumbai, Athiti Parinay is close to the shore of untouched beaches of Katwade and easily accessible from Ratnagiri.

There are constant buses and trains from both the metropolitan cities of Maharashtra. The homestays name itself suggest the best service to its guest. A perfect mix of conventional cuisine, homely welcome and entertainment, and the serenity of the location, this eco-friendly community stay pulls you closer to mother nature.

Exo stay in Maharashtra tree-house-interior: Credit -TripAdvisor

Le Maison de Ananda, Majuli, Assam

Ever tasted a rice beer ? also known as ‘Apong’ in the Mishing tribe of Assam. Just 20 hours drive from Jorhat airport, this property stands on  Manjuli Island, only accessible by frequent ferry’s, making it distant from the city’s pollution.

This high bamboo cottage is built in the traditional architecture of the Mishing tribe style also know as ‘Chang Ghar’, built to give comfort and at a safe elevation away from the large river. Interact and join with locals as they perform the traditional dance on folks songs.

Tribes in North East India Famous beer of the Mishing tribe:Credit –

Tora Eco Resort & Life Experience Center, Sundarbans, West Bengal

This resort settles on the largest mangrove forest in the world, A resort striving to provide you with the best experience in the delta region with ample sights of greenery.

Learn the art of living from locals and people of the tribes as they share their experiences. Providing an alternative source of income apart from fishing, honey collection, and other menial jobs, this community resort joined hands with conservationists and naturalists with a vision to empower the community with basic facilities.

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There are yet many more community stays that strive to put a positive impact on the environment and motivate the young’s minds, for more information on how to travel light and best contact us!