An honest review of ‘Mewar Haveli’ hotel in Udaipur

What we love about Mewar Haveli
  • That it is an eleven room, cosy and homely hotel with great location
  • Has a gorgeous roof top restaurant with a commanding view of the Pichola Lake
  • If you can get one of two lake facing rooms, they are a steal at the price. The element the view can add to stay is indescribable.
  • That you can just walk to the city attractions around, or stroll around the town from Mewar Haveli.
What we like about Mewar Haveli
  • The room was spotlessly clean, clean linen and cushy bed (nice soft mattresses)
  • The bathrooms are perfectly adequate, running hot water and very clean
  • The staff were polite and non pushy
  • That is has an elevator to get to the rooftop restaurant, other similar hotels around the lake do not have an elevator. And it feels a little un courteous to walk up passing other people’s rooms.
  • The rooftop restaurant prepares lovely non greasy, fresh and non spicy vegetarian food. And the prices seemed fair.
What we did not like

Personally we did not have any complains for the Mewar Haveli, Although the following is good to bear in mind

  • The rooms are of different sizes and most of them are compact. Not a deal breaker, but if you travel with a lot of suitcases you might fill the room up.
  • That they only have two lake facing rooms. The rest are equally comfy, but after having stayed at both, you want to try and book in advance to get a lake facing room.

Romantic – Yes, especially if you have a lake facing room. Even otherwise, it is a cosy hotel with tasteful attention for detail and the roof top restaurant takes up a different mood from morning to sunset to night.

Back packer friendly – Not really, initiating interactions with other guests in the hotel did not seem easy. It gets a varied age group and families, so not a high percentage of young backpackers.

Children friendly – Mewar Haveli does not have any games room or activities per say for children. Yet, families with kids would be comfortable here. It is easy to step out and get around on foot; again the restaurant with the lake view would always be fun for the kids.

Rates – Remember Mewar Haveli is between a budget and value for money hotel. Rooms start at INR 1400 and go upto INR 2100 approx.

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