Personalized Trips Or Group Tours – Which One Is For You?

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Last Updated on December 17, 2020

With the advent of the internet, you now have the ability to book hotels and flights at the snap of a finger. But with such technology comes a problem that we are sure everyone faces, the problem of too much information. 100 review websites, each one with a different opinion. Which can make travelling these days rather stressful. There are just so many options out there, that you don’t know where to look! Is this the best way to get around, am I missing out on some great flight deal, how will I know if I’ve done everything I should? Trip planning, especially for a country as vast and varied as India is, can be, quite frankly, intimidating. So here is a quick explanation on why a personalized trip to India is easy with a little help from us.

So, when you plan a holiday to India, you might wonder whether you should sign up for a group trip or a personalized one would make more sense. The case with group travel is that it seems easy, there’s definitely comfort in numbers and everything’s already charted for you.

However, here’s why we think a customized trip to India is the way to go:

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You’re in control

The biggest plus of a personalized itinerary (and it’s a really big one!) is that you’re the boss. You get to decide when you will go, how long you spend in each place, and what you see and do once you’re there. You’re not tied down by what the group’s departure date is, or what the planned schedule looks like – it’ll only have what you want on it, after all! Which leads us to our next point.

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It isn’t as expensive as you think

It’s widely believed that customizing your vacation requires deeper pockets than a group trip, but that’s not necessarily the case! We not only help you plan your holiday to India, we’ll make it work within the budget you have. That’s the beauty of personalized trips, after all – you get the benefits of both, a group package and travelling independently. That’s why we say.

Customized trips to India Indian currency (Photo Credit –

It’s not difficult!

All you need to do is tell us what you want to do, and what sort of holiday you’re looking for. We’ll figure out all the details for you, and our travel planners will make sure that they give you all the information you might need for your trip. We’ve got plenty of reading material right here, as well. And, we’re also always a quick email or call away if there’s something we’ve not covered – before you leave, and while you’re on the road. So clearly.

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You don’t need large groups to stay safe

While planning a trip to India, you might come across articles discussing safety for the traveller. And yes, of course, anyone travelling to a new destination must always be aware of the social norms and cultural cues of the country they’re going to see. Having said that, you won’t ever be completely alone! Like we said earlier, we can be easily reached if you need us, but we’ll also give you the freedom to explore and experience our beautiful country just the way you want to.

So to conclude if you would like a customized trip to India we at India Someday would be happy to help plan your trip to India. Just get in touch with us and we will get back to you with some thoughts and questions.

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