Hiring a car and driver in India

Are you considering hiring a car and driver in India? It is a good choice if you want to get from A to B easily while avoiding the chaotic, busy and often confusing railway stations. This article advises you on the benefits of hiring a car, how much it will cost and where it is best to consider getting a driver to show you around.

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The Benefits of hiring a car and driver In india

  • While India does enjoy great train connectivity, getting train tickets and boarding trains on crowded Indian platforms can be chaotic and stressful. Renting a car and driver eases the worries of getting train tickets or negotiating crowded platforms.
  • Having a car and driver gives you immense flexibility. You can leave a city at the time you like and make as many unscheduled stops en-route as you want!
  • If you have a chatty driver it will be a great cultural experience. Drivers usually come from a lower middle-class background, living on the road and learning English on the job. Speaking to them will open new doors to the country that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • It is very affordable. The comfort of a nice car and chauffeur, the convenience of flexibility, and local knowledge, makes touring India with a car and driver a great option. It is good in terms of value for money, and often adds to your India experience.

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A ballpark estimate of a rented car per day would be

  • Approx INR 4500 per day for  a Sedan Car (can fit up to 3 adults comfortably)
  • Approx INR 5500 per day for a SUV segment car, Toyota Innova is the most popularly used car (can fit 4 adults + 1 child very comfortably)
  • Approx INR 8000 per day for a minivan (can fit up to 8 adults, has variants that can fit 10/12 adults too)

The prices include

  • A good quality air-conditioned car
  • Driver services through your trip
  • All road tolls or taxes
  • Stay and meal allowance for the driver
  • It is highly recommended to tip your driver at the end of the tour. Here is a link on advice for tipping your driver.

Additional notes

  • Car rental prices in Kerala are about 25% cheaper, as, the driving distance between towns is shorter than most other places in India
  • Car prices can vary from company to company, and the prices given here are an approximation
  • The rates are considering you use the car to drive you from between destinations within a region (longer driving distances). Rates for car hire for internal sightseeing within a city would be cheaper

Clean and comfy cars Toyota etios : Sedan cars mostly used in India for travels

How does hiring a car and driver work in India?

We recommend booking a car and driver before you arrive in India. Unfortunately, the process of hiring a car and driver is not very organised in India. There is no single leading reputed company that specializes in car hires. You can hire a car and driver through a ‘transport agency’, which specializes in providing car and drivers. Or, hire individual drivers that own personal vehicles.

It is preferable to hire an independent driver that drives his own car. His incentive to provide you excellent service is higher as his business depends on recommendations from clients.

Would the driver speak English?

It really depends on driver to driver. In more touristy regions like Rajasthan and Kerala it is easier to find an English speaking driver. We always search for English-speaking drivers, so that they can tell you about their personal experiences and give you an insight into living in India. Plus it will help with any questions you might have.

Can the driver double up as a guide?

Unfortunately not. The drivers would rarely know enough about the towns from a historical perspective. Also, the history of most Indian towns is very deep-rooted, and it takes an expert to know all about it. However, they’ll most likely have their own tales surrounding places and monuments. If you meet a chatty driver you’re in for a treat!

Here is a blog giving you more information on guides in India.

Can India Someday help us with a car hire in India?

Yes! Depending on which regions in India you are visiting, we can help you find a trusted driver and car hire. Contact us for more information.

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Everything you need to know about India is here We have tried writing about everything you may need help with for your trip to India, If you need help in planning a trip to India Get in touch with us to to plan your trip of a life time.

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