Go, Goa, Gorge – The Fourth Edition of the Goa Food and Culture Festival is here!

What is this festival all about?

The festival includes food stalls, cooking competitions, demos and an amazingly exciting live distillation unit will showcase all the deliciousness born out of this fertile and sun-kissed land. The fare on offer comes from the kitchen’s of the biggest five-star hotels and the homeliest of home-cooks so there’s nothing to be missed. To keep you entertained while you eat your weight in coconut and fish, there’s a line-up that includes Goenchim Noketram, Indian Ocean, Dance to the Beats, Rhythm and Blues, Kepemchim Kirnnam, Lagori, the Big T Band, Bollywood Hip Hop and Dance Fusion, Thermal and Quarter, Taaq, Bad Blood and One Night Stand.

Indian rock bands Rahul Ram from Indian Ocean (Photo Credits – Abhimanyu Jhingan)

When is this festival?

This festival takes place every year in Panjim during April.

Enjoy the authentic Goan food and music at the festival

Where does the it take place?

The festival is held at the D B Bandodkar Ground, Campal in Goa. Campal is about 4 kms out from Panjim and easily accessible by road and public transport.

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Goan festivals offer some good music and great food (Photo Credits – Joegoauk Last Namegoa)

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