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A checklist for simpler travel

Travel is all about adventure, a mixture of good and bad experiences which make you wiser too. You may not always anticipate the unprecedented travel adventures, but being prepared for the unexpected goes a long way. As the saying goes, prevention is better then cure, especially in a county as dynamic as India. Here are some essentials for a travel checklist for India.

These are our top priority items before we travel; some have been strongly suggested by our past guests while some are more obvious to navigate the country. Regardless, travel light to travel well.

travel essentials Include more than just the basics on your travel checklist for India.

Padlock/ combination lock 

Easily available at any hardware store, this product yells ‘light and secure’ better than any other. You will find a tiny padlock just about on every Indian traveler’s bag, and for good reason. 

Traveling in India by bus or train are the best modes of transport – cheap and convenient. Always secure your bag with the locks especially when travelling by bus or train. You could also latch your bag with a chain to your seats while napping during the long journey. Take it from us, to avoid any unpleasant obstacles, this one’s a must on your travel checklist for India.

travel checklist for India Consider buying small padlocks to lock your bags so that nothing can be stolen from them- Photo Credit Markus Spiske

Water bottle

Travelling can be tiresome in India with the occasional overcrowded cities, and the humidity takes a toll. However, don’t rely on water provided in restaurants or on public transport as it may contain impurities. Rarely at smaller stations or areas, water bottles are filled with tap water, re-sealed, and sold to make quick bucks – a scam you don’t want to fall prey to. Indian tap water is non-potable unless boiled or filtered. 

Equip yourself with a drinking water bottle, preferably a steel bottle over a plastic one to be a responsible traveller. This way you stay hydrated all the time. Only opt for branded, sealed water bottles provided at good hotels or general stores.

Drinking water in India Always opt for bottled mineral water and avoid water poured for you at restaurants

Power adapter

Buses that ply on long routes in India are furnished with plug points. Always keep an adapter on you to avoid drained cell phone and camera batteries. They may not always be punctual, so always carry a good book to pass the time in times of delay. 

The two or three-pin power sockets are used across India. A power adapter known as multi-plug adapter will be very resourceful. Though power cuts are frequent in villages and suburbs of the country, it’s not a point of concern in the metros. This is an important yet overlooked item on a travel checklist for India.

Items on travel checklist for India Multi-pin travel adapters will be a lifesaver in India: Credit – Pixabay

Toilet paper

A must in your travel checklist for India, this one goes in your hygiene kit. It’s very difficult to find a toilet paper roll in Indian public toilets. Indians believe in the concept of washing than wiping, which is why you’ll find buckets or bidets more often than toilet roll. Most hotels however, use western toilets. 


Ensure you have enough toilet paper for your trip to India.

Travel first aid kit 

Indian street food is mind-blowingly delicious. Nonetheless, make Electrolytes necessary in your travel kit as the tempting cuisines may lead to travel diarrhea. Also ensure you have your necessary medicines, especially the anti- allergens. While band-aids and personal care items are always advisable, carry a mosquito repellent for the night. Though you may easily get them in Indian stores, the western brands have proven more effective. Carry sunscreen for the day.

Travel hygiene and safety kits A first aid kit takes up a fraction of space but always is beneficial.

Local sim card

If you plan on staying for a longer period, it’s very beneficial to obtain a local sim card. The local sim gets handy when you need local suggestions for places to eat, visit, or even stay. Being a 24*7 company, we at India Someday get in touch with guests anytime for emergencies. This ensures they have assistance on hand without us being too intrusive. 

Additionally, the sim cards help with coverage in places of high altitudes and outskirts of major cities.

Useful sim cards during travel Sim cards are accessible at many airports in India


Not everyone enjoys a conversation with an chatty stranger, especially if you’re concentrating on a novel or the scenery around you. This is where ear-plugs/ headsets come to the rescue. It not only helps you adjust to an in-flight environment but tunes out loud noises and the chatter of groups of people.

travel checklist for India essentials Ear plugs can be your saving grace on a noisy Indian train or flight.

atm Cards 

ATMs are easily found in metro cities and smaller suburbs. The only place you may have a hard time is when going into the hinterlands. You can easily withdraw money when you land but keep an eye on the service charges laid upon the standard exchange rate and bank charges.

To know more about foreign exchange, click on Exchanging Money in India !

Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in India- Photo Credit Frankieleon

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