Things to do in Varkala

Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free’ – Christy Ann Martine

The jaw-dropping cliffside beaches along with the playful vibe of this town makes Varkala an ideal destination to just relax and have fun. While you often find people surfing along this beach, those who are not so adventurous can enjoy the sound of the waves and watch the perfect sunset. 

Things to do in Kerala Ariel views of the cliff beach in Varkala (Photo Credit – Henrik Jagels)

Relax, Surf, Meditate and Repeat 

It goes without saying that when you are in Varkala you will be spending most of your mornings and evenings on the beaches. However, what makes Varkala even more interesting is that there is so much to do at the beach. From relaxing to surfing, you can also grab your yoga mat and enjoy meditating by the beach.

There are several ayurvedic spas, restaurants that play some really interesting trance music and shops selling souvenirs and T-shirts around the beaches. The best beaches to enjoy all of this would be Edava Vettakkada Beach, Black Beach (yes the sand is black), Odayam Beach, Chilakoor Beach, Thiruvambadi Beach. Any of the beaches of the South Cliff is ideal for surfing as well.

Do note due to the rough currents swimming is dangerous no matter how well trained you are, so do be cautious. Ladies, you would want to avoid wearing a bikini on these beaches, as you might get a couple of stares.



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Activities to do in Varkala Tourist enjoying meditating by the beach, Varkala

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Anchuthengu (Anjengo) Fort in Varkala

If you are looking for a break from the beaches and want to do a bit of exploring, pay a visit to the Anchuthengu Fort also called as Anjengo Fort, as the British found it hard to pronounce the local name.

Established by the East India Company this square-like structure was used by them as a signal for the ships coming from England. Although not that well maintained and had multiple attacks by pirates and locals the East India Company still managed to keep it under control.

This complex also comprises tombs of the soldiers, bastions which mounted about 8 guns and a  century-old convent. You can sit back on the ruins and watch the sunset as on one side you have the mighty Arabain Sea waving at you from the other end.   



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Forts in India, Kerala The entrance of Anchuthengu (Anjengo) Fort, Varkala (Photo Credit -Thejas Panarkandy)

Lighthouse Of Varkala

Just a few steps away from the Fort, is the famous lighthouse that was built in the 1684 by the Britishers. It served as a landmark for ships coming in from Britain.

You have a stunning birds-eye view of the Arabian Sea but to witness this you have to work for it! About a 280 steps climb up and you have paradise in front of you. So make sure you have your cameras on you to capture this moment. 



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Places to explore in Varkala, South India Views from the Lighthouse of Varkala (Photo Credit – Emmanuel DYAN)

Kapil Beach and Lake 

You can get the best of both worlds here. On one side you have the golden sand beach and on the other, you have the calm lake surrounded by coconut trees.

You can choose to either have a picnic by the sea and enjoy the atmosphere there or hop onto either side and enjoy canoeing on the relaxing lake. No matter what you choose, serenity and relaxation is guaranteed.   



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Activities to do in South India, Kerala Family enjoying canoeing on the lake (Photo Credit – Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida)

A Day Trip To Munroe Island   

About a 2 hour drive from Varkala beach is this beauty that is tucked away from most of the travellers. Wish to feel like it’s just you and nature that exists in the world, drive straight to Munroe Island.

Not only will you enjoy the blue skies, the rustling sounds of the coconut trees but you also get to see the locals carrying on their daily tasks. Fishermen try their luck to get the best catch and women making ropes from coir. Enjoy a blissful afternoon by the backwaters.

So if you are spending a good 4-5 days in Varkala, a day trip to this island will make your journey even more special. 



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Things to see in Varkala Women in the village making products out of coir (Photo Credit – Haris Crayon)

We hope this list will help you explore this town to its fullest. Have a look at this other interesting beach town of Kerala called Marai. If you are looking for a complete beach vacation or looking for a mix of beaches, adventure and history? You can get in touch with our travel experts who will assist you in carving an ideal itinerary for you.

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