Indian Farmhouse Experience: Farmstays in India

In India, over 70% of rural households depend on agriculture for a living. Naturally, we have a lot of farms. But these farms are rapidly changing. Traditional farmers are now opting to send their children into the service industry and marketing professionals.

In all these permutations and combinations, the season of traditional farmstays in India has arrived! An Indian farmhouse is a fascinating estate and can be a great way to experience life a little differently in India.

They are functioning farms that invite guests to stay on with varied levels of involvement in the farm activity. From milking and harvesting to just sitting on verandas eating pakoras.

Whatever experience you choose, it’s definitely going to be different from anything you expected when in an Indian farmhouse. Read up on our handpicked list of the best farmstays in India.

travelling in india, farmstays in India Try out some of our favourite recommended farmstays in India and witness the stunning countryside

Tathagata Farm, Darjeeling

Wake up to the sound of gushing water, the smell of oranges, and a view of the Himalayas. Located in possibly the most scenic hills in the country, Tathagata is one of the best farmstays in India when it comes to losing yourself in nature. They provide adorably rustic free-standing cottages and deluxe tents with all basic facilities en-suite in the middle of a tea estate interspersed with cardamom, ginger, vegetables and oranges among others.

Talk to the owners about their efforts in sustainable farming and promoting tourism in the area or run away into the forest for some quality alone time fishing by the river. It’s an Indian farmhouse with a mission, and you’ll soon find yourself caught up in it.

Farmhouse in India, Travelling in India Surrounded by nature, this farmstay even has a swimming pool! (Photo Credit –

Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

The Glenburg is probably the last image that comes to mind when you think of an Indian farmhouse. It’s running itself pretty well and won’t require much direct help from you on the farming side, so sit back and enjoy its two ridiculously gorgeous bungalows the way the area’s colonial overlords once did.

Fireplaces, stand-alone bathtubs, four-poster beds, sweeping verandahs and white-painted window panes come together in the centre of the vast tea estate to serve you candlelit dinners, hiking, massages and cookery classes in the luxurious isolation of the hills.

Glenburg Estate is one of the best farmstays in India to kick back and enjoy some rustic luxury.

Stay at a farmhouse in India The Planters Suite (Photo Credit – Glenburn Tea Estate)

Phillipkutty’s Farm, Kerala

Located on an island, there’s no big secret why this makes it to our list of best farmstays in India. Yes. On an island. And not an island just anywhere, but in the middle of Kerala’s Lake Vembanad. Private, spacious villas line up on the waterfront with an organic Indian farmhouse in between them that grows the usual Malyali suspects – pepper, coconuts, banana and the rest.

From the home base you can set out across the backwaters by boat or through the nearby village on a cycle. Step into the kitchen for a free course on cooking with local ingredients. Lend a hand and dig into the dirt alongside the staff and maybe even try milking their rare Vechoor cows!

top Indian farmhouse Beautiful island accommodation located in the middle of a lake (Photo Credit – Phillipkutty’s Farm)

Casa Coorg Homestay, Karnataka

Cocoon yourself in the cool overgrowth of Coorg, with a cup of home-grown coffee and that crime-thriller you thought you’d have finished four months ago. Casa Coorg is the perfect place to unwind with zero distractions, making it one of the best farmstays in India for nature-seekers.

Nestled in the arms of the forest, you have only nature to turn to for entertainment. Fill your days with long walks and treks, learn to identify the local fauna, go birdwatching. Put your feet up and share a cuppa with your hosts and listen to the stories of their travels till the fireflies come out.

best farmstays in india The entrance to Casa Coorg (Photo Credit – Casa Coorg)

Wild Acres Farmstay, Tamil Nadu

This one’s for the real agricultural enthusiasts, one of the top organic farmstays in India. Run by filmmaker Mansoor Ali Khan and his family in Coonoor. It specializes in cheese making but also dabbles in jams, soaps, bread, birdwatching and animal husbandry. Thus, you can enjoy an amazing farmstay experience and be a part of organic farming tourism in India.

Roll up your sleeves and dig in because it is an active farm that needs serious effort on the part of guests as well. Learn about the intricate schedules, the dedicated labour and carefully honed skillset you must develop to run a successful farm, first hand.

Farmhouses in India, farmstays in India Wild Acres Farmstay (Photo Credit – Vreditd – TripAdvisor)

Krishna Ranch, Udaipur

An authentic experience of village life and constant interaction with locals in the Aravali range sounds idyllic to begin with. But, throw in horses and you’ve just created paradise! Built one brick and one tree at a time over nearly 20 years by local boy Dinesh Jain and his Dutch wife Francine. They offer safaris on their beautifully reared horses through the forested hillside – a highlight of the stay.

We really can’t complain about the view either! Read here about our client’s wonderful experience with them, her words describe it better than we can.

Udaipur horse riding Take a horse riding safari through the luscious green hills through this farm stay (Photo Credit –

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