India is a very exciting country to travel to, with an incredible cultural and natural richness. But it is also really vast, extremely different to the western world and can be overwhelming and draining. Even the most experienced traveler reaches its limits trying to navigate the enormous selection of places to visit, travel routes, accommodations, transport and experience options. Therefore, we offer the services of a flexible India Trip planner to provide independent travelers the opportunity to experience customized and unique holidays without giving up the entire decision process to a travel agent. Furthermore, you can leverage our extensive and knowledge of India as we have spend months travelling in this exciting country and planned more than 2000 trips.


First we would like you to answer a few questions to make us understand how far you are into the India trip planning process. Have you decided which places to visit in India? When you would like to come? Do you already have a travel route in mind? Are you interested in backpacking or are you more into luxury travel? What are your expectations regarding transport and accommodations in India?

After your first enquiry we might have some more questions before we create a first travel plan according to your given information. Even you might have some questions or doubts before you want a detailed India trip planner.

In the first round of the India trip planner process we suggest a travel route, accommodations and transport while keeping your wishes, requirements, budget, travel dates etc. in mind. Afterwards, we can modify the trip plan according to your input until you are 100% satisfied.

The service of trip planning is non-binding and free. You only pay a small advance after you confirm the trip plan to India before we go into booking. Only when you have received all confirmations and vouchers you pay the rest including our very fair fixed fees.

So while this gives you a lot of opportunity to take part in your India travel planning process it also takes the burden of time-consuming research and bookings. See us as a personal travel guide book to India that answers your questions directly and plans a customised holiday to India.

India Trip Planner Our team of travel magicians


To keep your travel experience in India as unique and independent as possible we usually offer a personalized travel plan that includes only accommodation and modes of travel along the travel route planned by us. The transparent cost breakup also shows the amount of fees, taxes and transactions fees so you can see that there are no hidden costs.

We usually don’t include experiences and guided services as we believe it would restrict your freedom in the day to day travel planning. Also many monuments offer audio guides and other information material so you explore them at your own space and choose what you want to see and experience.

However, if you do want to learn more about the culture and history with the help of locals we can arrange for additional services like city guides, monument or other special tours, cooking classes, outdoor-activities or treks etc.

But our service doesn’t end with the consultation and trip planning. We are there for you before and during the trip in case you have more questions or problems on the road. We also share with you our knowledge we obtained during numerous trips through India regarding sightseeing, off-the-beaten-path places to visit and local culinary experiences. You can also read all our tips on general traveling in India on our blog.



We do not offer fixed holiday packages including international flights with fixed departures. Our trips start and end in India and are not fixed but can be modified to your dates, requirements and expectations.

We also don’t offer group tours for individuals to join. However, if you are a group of friends, family or colleagues we can create and book a personalized trip plan in India for you.

Even though our service is very flexible and tailored to your needs with the freedom of decision on your side during the trip planning, we need to book and pay for the services chosen by you after you have confirmed your trip to guarantee the trip as you want it. That means that spontaneous changes during your travels in India are difficult to execute and at your own costs. We are there for you during your entire trip and cater for any kind of needs you may have but do understand we are limited in modifications of your trip while you are on already on the road.

If you are planning to come to India and need the assistance of a India trip planner, plan your trip with India Someday.