Tom and Amy’s two week trip to Kerala route & tour description

Chennai,Tamil Nadu
Tanjore,Tamil Nadu
Madurai,Tamil Nadu

Travellers always have a hard time deciding what to explore when they plan their Indian trip. Thing is India so huge and diverse which leads it to a confusion. Such was the dilemma for Tom and Amy when they were planning their first trip to India. After a lot of thinking, they finally chose to tour Kerala and Tamil Nadu in South India. Both were keen on exploring South India as it has a very rich culture, history, and architecture. You will find some of the most beautiful beaches, backwaters, and tea plantations in this region. There is so much you can do but at the same time it has a very relaxed vibe to it.

Here’s what Amy had to say about her trip: “By working with India Someday on our itinerary we arrived in India with a perfectly put together plan. We then executed this plan independently, making the most of every second we had!”

They preferred travelling to the two states in the South (parts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu). In Tamil Nadu, Tom and Amy wanted to visit the beautiful French colonial town called Pondicherry. They were also keen on visiting Madurai, which is the cultural capital of South India. They also wanted to explore the temple town of Tanjore, for its architecture.

Tom and Amy also wanted to spend a part of their trip exploring the beautiful state of Kerala. Spending some time among the tea plantations of Munnar, the backwaters of Kumarakom, and the beautiful town of Kochi.

We plan trips across budgets and across regions. So if you are planning for an adventure in Himalayas in the North or Kerala in the South just get in touch with us if you are interested in a tour similar to the one described in this blog. We’d love to help you plan a memorable Indian Holiday!

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Tom and Amy’s two week trip to Kerala Tour itinerary

Day 1-2


Stay at Lemon tree

Chennai is a metropolis like you imagine it – traffic, a lot of people and chaos all over. However, this bustling city has also much more to offer. The capital of Tamil Nadu is famous for its street food – mouth-watering dosas (rice flour pancakes) filled with delicious potato masala or small rice cakes called idlis

Day 3-4


Stay at Gratitude-a Heritage Home, Pondicherry

Pondicherry or Pudducherry is a one-of-a-kind city in India due to its history as a French colony. Until today you feel like taken out of the country back into a French coast town at the end of the 19th century.

Day 5-6


Stay at Tanjore Hi Hotel, Tanjore

Tanjore or Thanjavur is alongside Madurai one of the most important religious and cultural centres in south or even whole India. The Great Living Chola Temples in and around the city are listed as World Heritage Sites and show us how the heydays of the great Chola Empire during the medieval time could have looked like.

Day 7-8


Stay at Heritage Madurai, Madurai

Madurai is famous for its colorful and detailed Meenakshi Amman, one of the most beautiful temples of India. Built to worship Shiva and his wife, the Goodess Parvati the temple’s area is 45 Acres large so there is a lot to see.

Day 9-10


Stay at The Wind

As the number one destination for domestic honeymoon travels, Munnar offers green and lush greenery and one of the best tea in entire India. This place in the Western Ghat mountain range invites you to hike through tea plantations and sandalwood forests, visit the many waterfalls and perfect viewpoints or just relax over a cup of tea.

Day 11-12


Stay at Backwater Heritage Homestay.

The backwaters of Kerala are a paradise of water lilies covered lakes, and small winding canals overgrown by palm and fruit trees and little villages far from urban chaos. Being a labyrinth of 900km waterways parallel to the coast of the Arabian sea this place offers serenity and peace for the nature loving traveller.

Day 13-14


Stay at Lazar Residency Homestay

This little sleepy town on a group of islands went through many colonists hands – first the Portuguese, then the Dutch and last but not least the British. So it’s no wonder that you find Hindu temples, Catholic churches in European style, Synagogues and mosques just a stone throw away from each other.

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