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Best Places to Street Shop in Mumbai
Best Places to Street Shop in Mumbai

5023649567_b733513dcf_zIn Mumbai and looking to shop? Ditch the snazzy boutiques and comfort of air-conditioned malls and hit the road for some fun street shopping! Mumbai has some of the best places for clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and all at affordable prices.

One golden rule though: you have to haggle. Haggling is an art and if you’re up for it, then you’re all set for an awesome shopping spree.

Colaba causeway

In the same area as the Gateway of India and a definite stop for all tourists. The best place to shop for jewellery. Chunky jewellery, neckpieces, danglers, bangles, bracelets, they’ve got it all. They also sell some lovely scarves here and antique wares like clocks, lamps, bells etc. Walk around here just to get a feel of the city, as this is in the heart of the backpacker district in Mumbai

Fashion street

This shopping lane is near Churchgate station. Mainly for clothes and a few shoe stalls, it’s one of the few places that also caters to men. Don’t expect their clothes to last you a life time but at the prices they offer, you can change your wardrobe every three months.

Hill road

A hip shopping locale in the ‘Queen of the Mumbai Suburbs’, Bandra.  Frequently visited by college girls looking for trendy stuff. I love this place for the shoes! Boots, Wedges, Kitten heels, Stilettos, the whole shebang! A good place to get western clothes, gowns or evening dresses stitched.


Linking road

This is on the other side of Bandra. I guess of the four places, this is the longest shopping lane and it has lots to offer too. You’ll find a string of shoe stalls here but mostly daily wear. There are also quite a few boutiques here, some by budding designers and some export rejects.

Chor bazaar

Literally meaning ‘Thieves Market’, it’s one of the largest flea markets in India. You can find almost anything here and it isn’t limited to just clothes and accessories! The place is massive and has everything from brassware and ceramic to vintage collections. You can even get imported stuff at dirt cheap prices. Brands—think Puma, Nike, Hummel. A paradise for brand-conscious guys that is also light on the pocket!


By Sneha@stage2.indiasomeday.com

An Introduction to India
An Introduction to India


image from from www.lighthouseinsights.in

India—the land of blinding colours and dazzling lights demands all your attention, enticing you to come see, smell, taste and touch. With so much to do, the first time visitor might find themselves put off by the exasperating Indian bureaucracy, having to rush from pillar to post and wrap their minds around the confusing informal travel options alongside the equally frustrating official requirements. The sheer immensity of planning a trip to India may sometimes overpower you, and that’s where we step in. We help you navigate the complex web of visa requirements, travel bookings and choosing accommodation, and simultaneously help you acquaint yourself with the customs and sights of your destination. With all your preparation in place, you’re free to throw yourself headfirst into this intoxicating country and experience it wholeheartedly!

jodhpur in Rajasthan

The blue city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan

India Someday helps you plan your trip to India, and ensures that your energy gets put to good use where it belongs—travelling.