COVID-19 Guidelines for Travelling to Karnataka

Some of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities, in the country, are in Karnataka, the largest state in South India. Explore the Scotland of India, Silicon Valley of India, and even Ice Cream Capital of India. But before you do, here’s everything you need to know about travelling to Karnataka including the recent COVID-19 state guidelines.

Though it is second to Maharashtra, in terms of COVID-19 cases, in the country, the number of new cases has subsided to less than 900 cases in two months. The last three months have shown a gradual decrease in the number of new cases. Compared to a peak of approximately 15,000 cases per day as of 15th September 2020, the number of new cases per day hasn’t crossed the 2000 mark since December 2020.

Just an hour drive from Murudeshwar to the second-highest waterfall in India- JOG FALLS

Travelling to Karnataka

The state government has recently relaxed travel restrictions on domestic and international travel. However, passengers from Uk will have to undergo RT-PCR tests on arrival due to the fear of a new strain of coronavirus.

Interstate travelers are no longer subjected to mandatory institutional quarantine, a quarantine stamp on the hand, or having to fill out an application while entering Karnataka. However, here’s a more detailed brief of COVID19 guidelines for travelling to Karnataka.

  • By Air: All international travelers will be screened at the airport and have to undergo 14 days of home quarantine if tested negative for COVID-19. Passengers who test positive can opt for institutional quarantine, or home quarantine with daily updates, or fly back to the destination of departure. Passengers will be exempted from quarantine on submission of negative RT-PCR tests undergone within 72 hours prior to their arrival in the state. Domestic passengers on the other hand are advised to undergo self RT-PCR testing, there is no mandatory quarantine.
  • By Rail: There is no mandatory quarantine or screening on arrival into the state, by trains. Travelers are to notify authorities on signs for symptoms. Passengers can seek aid by calling the Apthamitra helpline at 14410 or registering on the app. For longer travel, do always carry linens of your own and maintain self-hygiene.  
  • By Road: The rules are the same as for rail, no restrictions are applied on travelling to Karnataka via road. The penalty will be charged in case passengers are found wearing a mask in public. Screening is not optional at many entry points of the state borders. Applying for an E-pass is no longer necessary.

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Places to visit while travelling to Karnataka in 2021

The state has an extensive coastline with white sand beaches and ghats that run down south. Misty hill stations, tropical forest and historic temples, Karnataka has it all. The climate varies as you travel south and away from the Arabian Sea. Here’s a list of the best places to visit in Karnataka.


‘Scotland of India’ is another name for Coorg. This spectacular hill station is one of the most romantic destinations in Karnataka. The misty Abbey Falls, vast stretches of coffee and tea plantations, and serene rivers are just the cherry on top. This picturesque region is a haven for all kinds of travelers. From foodies, adventurers and nature enthusiasts to photographers, and those seeking to immerse in the culture of this tourist destination. The nearest airport to Coorg is Kannur which is just 90kms away.


The state’s capital city is famous for its parks and nightlife. Bengaluru or Bangalore is the IT hub of India, making it one of the largest employment generating cities. From business travellers to students travelling for educational purposes, the city is always bustling with a diverse population from across the country. India’s finest nightclubs and hotels are situated here. The vibrant nightlife and diverse food establishments with cuisines from across the globe are worth experiencing here.

Suvarna Vidhana Soudha – with imprints od the Dravidian architecure


Travelers from across the world come to this holy town, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The main attractions are the temples, rock boulders and ruins from the medieval period. The stone chariot and boulders are majestic, and so is the unforgettable view of the sunset from Hemakuta Hill. November to February is the best time to visit this land of boulders. Being the winter season, the weather is cool as compared to the intense heat of the summer. Vijayanagar airport is the closest, while Hubli aerodrome provides comparatively better connections.


It’s a 3-4 hour journey from Bangalore to Mysore, though the city serves an airport with connections only to nearby states. Earlier known as Mysore, It shared the name with Karnataka in the early twentieth century. Mysuru is one of the cleanest cities in the country. Museums, palaces, temples and the natural beauty of Mysore makes it one of the best places to visit in Karnataka. The sheer opulence of The Mysore Palace, an architectural wonder, is sure to leave you awestruck. The St. Philomena cathedral, on the other hand, with its neo-gothic architecture is enthralling. Mysore is brimming with all kinds of things to do, from tourist hotspots to the lesser-known, offbeat experiences. Be sure to read our blog on the things to do in Mysore this 2021 before planning your itinerary.

Offbeat Places to visit in Karnataka 


Chikmagalur, a charming hill station in southwest India, is also known as the Coffee land of Karnataka. Once gifted to a legendary chief as dowry, Chikmagalur translates to “Young daughter’s town”. It is centrally located with Mysore to the south, Bangalore to the east, Mangalore to the west and Shimoga to the North. Chikmagalur is one of those rare beauties that has it all. From lush green landscapes, coffee plantations and wildlife to heritage sites and adventure activities. This tranquil town makes for a great holiday destination that is off the beaten path, a hidden gem, nestled in the state of Karnataka.

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Everyone hears of Goa as the ultimate beach destination, but if given an option, Gokarna is definitely at par with, if not better than Goa. One of the best beach destinations in India if you’re looking to unwind and rejuvenate. Practice yoga and meditation and soak in the beauty of this paradise. The clear blue waters are ideal for watersports such as parasailing, jet skiing and even scuba diving or snorkeling. Dabolim airport, Goa is the closest airport, approximately 5-6 hours away. On the other hand, you can also travel to Gokarna via train. The coastline is dotted with yoga retreat centers where you’re one with nature and all that it has to offer. This coastal town is also a famous pilgrim site, considered to have an imprint of Lord Shiva.


Kabini is home to one of the best wildlife national parks in India, a hunting ground during the British era. The Kabini river attracts flora and fauna, including endangered species like Indian Gaur, Sloth bear, leopards and several others. The closest airport to Kabini is in Mysore, a one hour and a half drive away. Bangalore is approximately 200km from Kabini. However, several travelers make their way here via Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.


This scenic coastal town is home to the majestic statue of Lord Shiva, perched atop a hill overlooking the Arabian sea. This quaint town is the ideal location for an Indian family vacation. Netrani, the heart-shaped island is the perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts looking to indulge in scuba diving or snorkeling among other adventure activities. The spiritual vibe and natural beauty of Murudeshwar are what adds to the charm of this peaceful town. If you’re travelling to Karnataka, be sure to add this to your list of places to visit in Karnataka.

Unveil these picturesque destinations while travelling to Karnataka in 2021. Unlock yourself from the mundane life and explore the spectacular gems of Incredible India. Plan your trip to Karnataka with a combination of cities and towns that cater to varied interests. The perfect way to kickstart the new year with a fresh mind and room for once in a lifetime experiences.

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