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Chiara’s Two Week Flashpacking Trip Across Rajasthan
Chiara’s Two Week Flashpacking Trip Across Rajasthan

Almost about a year ago we helped our Italian guests Chiara with a two week Flashpacking trip across north India.  If you aren’t entirely sure or haven’t heard about the term Flashpacking let us explain.

Flashpacking is backpacking just slightly more affluent. Chiara wanted to essentially backpack across Rajasthan but if taking the luxury of hiring a car between two places made more sense or allowed her to see more or if staying in a home-stay instead of a run-of-the-mill hostel added more value to her trip then she would pick those over the most inexpensive options that a backpacker would usually go with.

Chiara wanted to experience the culture and history of the country on her first trip to India and she only had two weeks to do so. Since Chiara was flying into Delhi and she was traveling from late August to September (monsoon in India) traveling from Agra across Rajasthan made the most sense.

Rajasthan is frequented by backpackers from October until March as those are winter months in India and the weather is very pleasant in this usually hot and dry state. However, August and September can also be great months to travel across Rajasthan.  While the region does not receive too much rainfall, it does occasionally rain in August and September. This causes a drop of temperatures and Rajasthan is at it’s greenest during these months. A sight you would not get too see any other time of the year.

Since we started Chiara’s trip in Delhi, it made sense for her to drive to Agra and Jaipur and make some interesting stops like Fatehpur Sikhri and Abhaneri Step-Wells along the way.  She then proceeded to visit the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, followed by the Blue city of Jodhpur before ending her trip in the lake city of Udaipur.

On this trip Chiara used a combination of car hires which allowed her the freedom to make some interesting stops along the way and trains – well, because trains in India are a fun experience.  We also recommended Chiara to stay in some great home-stays which allowed her to experience the local culture and a few backpacker hostels to mix it up a bit and interact with fellow travellers.

This trip was executed on a budget that was somewhere between a backpacking and a slightly higher comfort budget (Flashpacking). Staying in hostels and taking the trains meant Chiara could budget for private rooms in home-stays and using car hires. This trip can however be modified to a lower backpacking budget or a higher comfort budget.

If you would like help with planning your Flashpacking trip across India get in touch with us now.

Budget Backpacker tour of Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan
Budget Backpacker tour of Delhi-Agra-Rajasthan

Tour overview

This is a 14-16 day North India tour that is ideal for young travelers looking to backpack across Northern India. You will travel across Rajasthan, visiting the magical desert town of Jaisalmer, the beautiful blue town of Jodhpur, the city of lakes i.e. Udaipur, the spiritual town of Pushkar and more.

Enjoying the views from Meherangarh Fort Jodhpur (Photo Credits) Enjoying the views from Meherangarh Fort Jodhpur
(Photo Credits)


Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur – Udaipur – Pushkar – Delhi

Route on googlemaps

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Modes of transport for North India budget tour

This is an economical tour as your primary mode of travel would be trains. Trains are fast, dependable and great way to both experience North India and interact with Indians. We love travelling by train and the feedback from our travelers has invariably been that it was a delightful cultural experience and comfortable (Especially when travelling A/C class).

Where will you stay?

A mix of hostels that are very safe, fun and a good place to meet other travelers, home stays and small guest houses. In Jaisalmer you can camp in the desert. The mix of accommodation would again ensure your trip is very budget friendly and at the same time you are staying at very safe places where you meet other travelers or live with an Indian family.

Cosy Bed and Chai in Delhi (Photo Credits) Cosy Bed and Chai in Delhi (Photo Credits)

Cost of the tour

The cost of the tour would vary between USD 400 (Euros  310) to USD 550 (Euros  430) per person depending on the following

  • What time of the year you are travelling
  • If you prefer to always travel by A/C train (or sleeper class is fine)
  • If you like having a private room at all times (or dorms are perfect)
  • If you are travelling alone or a couple/group

The cost includes

  • Overnight stay throughout your trip
  • All train tickets
  • Taxi and driver between cities when train is not possible
  • India Someday planning and bookings fees
  • All taxes

Let us know how many travelers you would be and your wishlist and we will can help you plan your trip.

Highlights of travels in North India

It is often said that India is not a holiday, but an experience. Travelling across North India will leave you with memories of a lifetime. Highlights of your India experience will vary from traveller to traveer, but here are some highlights that you can look forward to.

1. The awe-inspiring Delhi City

Delhi can be overwhelming, but at the same time it is very. With centuries of history, interesting architecture and great food you can expect to see a mix of charm and bustle in  Old Delhi and a glistening manicured lawns in New Delhi. Getting around Delhi can be surprisingly easy with the amazing new Metro system.

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2. The endless Desert and magical town of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is truly worth the effort it takes to get there. You’ll be taking an overnight train from Jaipur to reach Jaisalmer. The old city is beautiful, crafted in rock, stone and sand. It is by the edge of a vast desert where you’ll spend the nights, after watching the most amazing sunsets.

3. Riding the Indian Trains

Trains in India are a fascinating experience. There is a distinct buzz of energy at the railway stations, and you get lovely chai on the trains. You get to see Indian families and often interact with them. As the train moves between your destinations you get beautiful views of the Indian countryside and little villages.

4. Mouth watering North Indian food

For a foodie, India is the ultimate paradise. You can treat yourself to amazing naans (Indian bread) and curry, lassi, Indian sweets and more. At your homestays you will definitely enjoy some of the best Indian food. Do remember, Indian food can be a little spicy.

Indian thali images courtesy paul joseph (https://flic.kr/p/HuFDG) Indian thali images courtesy Paul Joseph (https://flic.kr/p/HuFDG)

5. Meet locals and fellow travellers

Since you will be staying at a mix of hostels and hotels during your tour across North India you would get to meet both Indian families and a lot of other travellers during your trip.

As colourful as it can get! Locals hanging out in Jodhpur (Photo Credits) As colourful as it can get! Locals hanging out in Jodhpur (Photo Credits)

6. Of course! The Taj Mahal

You would be visiting the Taj Mahal. Do not miss the Agra Fort or the Baby Taj while you are in Agra.

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Tomb of I'timād-ud-Daulah - aka Baby Taj Tomb of I’timād-ud-Daulah – aka Baby Taj

7. Udaipur, The Romantic Lake city

One of your last stops will be at the beautiful lake city of Udaipur. The following image might give you a glimpse of how beautiful it is.

The glistening waters of Lake Pichola The glistening waters of Lake Pichola

Contact us to help you plan your India trip

The following tour can be customized to the no. of days you are looking at travelling or places you’d like to see. In fact, we can help you plan trips to anywhere in India irrespective of your budget.

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