Murud Janjira Fort – A Complete Guide

If you’re travelling to Maharashtra, or along the Konkan coast of India, the coastal town of Murud ought to make it to your itinerary. 160 kms from Mumbai and 50 kms from Alibaug, it is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The drive along the coast is breathtakingly beautiful with scenic beaches and quaint towns along the route. The Murud – Janjira Fort is the prime highlight of this tourist hotspot.

Originally known as the Janjira Fort, it is one of the strongest marine forts of India. An architectural beauty in the Arabian sea, off the coast of Murud, the fort is about 50 feet high. Originally built by the sultans in the 17th century, the fort was eventually conquered by the Marathas and has remained unconquered since. The majestic Murud – Janjira fort is 15 minute boat ride away from the coastal town of Murud. It has a rich, diverse culture and a fascinating history. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns along the Konkan coast. Being a popular tourist destination, the locals here are warm and welcoming.


Murud Janjira Fort, Maharashtra Remains of the Majestic Murud Janjira fort off the coast of Murud.

how to reach the MURUD – JANJIRA FORT

Murud is just 50 km from Alibaug. The nearest airport to this town is Mumbai which is 160 kms away. On the other hand, Roha is the nearest station north of Murud and is only an hour away. Besides this, there are government buses to Murud at regular intervals, but the frequency varies in the monsoon season. Given the condition of the roads along this route, a private vehicle is highly advisable.

As the coastal route passes through the western ghats, be ready for a roller coaster ride and sharp turns. The scenic view of the coast is definitely worth the bumpy ride. You could make a few stops along the way while visiting the Murud Janjira fort. Kashid beach is the ideal stop for a light snack, with local food stalls, hammocks and benches along the beach.

Timings: 7 AM – 6PM

Entry: The entry to the fort is free, however, the ticket fare for the boat ride ranges between INR 20 – 50.


Alibaug to murud janjira fort along the konkan coast The scenic road trip to the Murud Janjira Fort, along the Konkan coast _ Credits:


The Murud Janjira Fort was built in the second half of the 17th century under the administration of the Sultan of Ahmednagar. After several conflicts that took place around the fort, the Siddis succeeded in conquering it. They had complete control and domination over the Murud – Janjira Fort for over 100 years. They defended it with all their might, defeating enemies like the Portuguese, Britishers and the Marathas.

The Siddis and Peshwa Bajirao of the Marathas fought a battle in 1736. The long drawn battle ended with the Marathas emerging victorious. Despite the decline of the Maratha empire, the fort remained unconquered for decades. Finally, post independence, the Murud Janjira Fort became a part of the India Territory. It is now a treasured gem, an architectural marvel with a fascinating history.

structure of the fort

The name Murud – Janjira is derived from the Arabic word ‘Jazeera’ which means Island. Murud Janjira Fort was home to approximately 572 cannons, used to launch cannonballs on the enemy army. Of the 572 cannons. only 3 cannons exist presently. Namely, the Kalalbangadi, Chavri and Landa Kasam, located at the very top of the fort. Given their massive size and fascinating history, these cannons continue to be a popular tourist attraction.

Besides this, the fort was also home to some of the most splendid tombs, water tanks, and a few stone sculptures. The entrance gate, known as “Sher Darwaza” (Tiger’s Door), is the most well-known gate of the fort. It is adorned with a small sculpture of six elephants and a tiger. The fort gates faced Rajapuri, a small coastal village, just 4 km from Murud city. The boats to the fort are still operational from Rajapuri. The second popular gate is the “Darya Drawaza”, which opens to the other side of the fort, leading to the sea. This was used as an escape route in the time of battle.

Interiors of the Murud Janjira fort The stunning interiors of the Murud Janijira Fort. (Photo Credit – Ankita_Gkd)

The Food in murud

Seafood is a must-try while visiting the coastal city of Murud. You’re spoilt with choices when it comes to eating near the Murud – Janijira Fort, with ample of sea facing restaurants. The coastline is dotted with food stalls, cafes and restaurants. Food enthusiasts are in for an absolute treat. Some of the popular local delicacies that you ought to try include, Valva, Konkani Fish Curry, Poha, Misal, among others. 

Top 3 Restaurants to visit near Murud Janjira Fort:

  • Patil Khanawal : A sea facing restaurant with a lovely ambience and outdoor seating, it is a must visit tourist hostspot. Just a few feet from the beach, they serve some of the most delicious Konkani food. If you love your seafood, the fish thali at Patil Khanawal is something we highly recommend.
  • Hotel New Sea Rock : Relish the traditional Indian cuisine and a hot cup of Chai  with a spectacular view of the sunset. Perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea, this restaurant is in Rajapuri, Murud.
  • Hotel Vinayak : Known for it’s Malvani thali, you ought to visit this seaside restaurant. Comprising of a fish curry, fried fish and other mouth watering local delicacies.

The food available in Murud is simple and yet just as tasty. Surprise yourself, let lose and get a taste of the authentic local cuisine instead of playing safe.


Fish Thali near Murud Janjira fort Fish Thali at Hotel Vinayak near Murud Janjira Fort.

Murud is one of the most beautiful cities along the Konkan coast. Make sure you add this quaint town to your itinerary while travelling to Maharashtra. This majestic coastal town has a fascinating history. For more information and suggestions on such beautiful offbeat places in India, get in touch with our team! Let us help you explore the unexplored and unveil the hidden gems that our country has to offer.

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