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Mumbai is one of the largest and busiest cities in India, the city that doesn’t sleep also needs a break. With the proximity of an hour or two drive from the city is, Alibaug. Alibaug is a charming coastal town in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, which is one of the best places to seek a vacation or even a day trip. There are many sea-facing cottages, hotels and even some of the best homestays run all year round. Get to know more about the town. 

The nearest airport to Alibaug is Mumbai and the railway station is from the city itself. With the introduction of the RORO M2M ferry connecting the island of Mumbai to Alibaug district, the travel has eased and reduced the journey time. It can carry up to 150 vehicles and 500 passengers and is functional on all days. The ferry departs from Bhaucha Dhakka and arrives at Mandwa within an hour. Alibaug is just 16 kilometers from Mandwa jetty point.


The name Alibaug is derived from a well-known merchant Ali who owned huge acres of land and plantation of mango and coconut trees. The locals used to call the place Alichi Bagh which in Marathi means Ali’s Garden. Alibaug has fertile land, great for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. This tourist town has a better climate than the metropolitan cities, it gets cooler by dawn and humid by noon.

This town has been troubled by natural calamities like cyclones, two in the current decade itself, Cyclone Nisarga and Phyan, yet it stands strong and witnesses a lot of tourists, especially from the neighboring Mumbai and Pune city.


Alibag may not be a very big town but it has managed to pull some of the big hotel chains and brands here, naming Radisson Blu, The fern and saffron stay, etc. There are delightful homestays too, brightening your holiday with a warm welcome, local cuisine and a beautiful surrounding. Alibaug amazingly has less traffic and cleaner air quality compared to the cities. 

Alibaug is also perfect for a staycation, one can get obtain all the necessary commodities within the town itself. Konkan people are known for their hospitality will make your holiday worthwhile and easy.

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The main language spoken in and around the town is Marathi. Though the dialect may slightly differ from one spoken in the metropolitan cities, locals can converse comprehensibly and communicate with the national languages such as Hindi and a bit of English too. Nagaon, Kihim, Varsoli and Alibaug beach are worth the visit though Kashid beach which is just an hour’s drive from Alibaug is unmissable.

Get to know more about the culture while passing through the village, the locals are always welcoming. The villagers will always assist you with the direction in case you are lost.


Being a coastal town, the seafood undoubtedly is amongst the best. The vegetarian food is mouth-watering too, with Konkan spices and homegrown vegetables. The local market is very accessible and promotes the sale of homegrown vegetables and fruits. The plantation of mangoes, coconut is in abundance.

Soulkadi (consisting of kokum and coconut milk mainly) is a local beverage, advised being consumed while having a meal, especially seafood. It is great for digestion and soothes heartburn. Get to know about some of the best Konkan dishes and more on Alibaug specialties by getting in touch with us.


Alibaug was one of the most important naval offices during the Maratha rule. It had many forts around the coast to protect from the enemies entering through the Sea. Ruins of Kolaba and Alibaug still stand strong and gather tourist’s attention. Sagargad fort expects more visitors during the monsoon season due to greenery and the beautiful Dodhane waterfall.

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