You Wander We Pay – Travel internship India

An all expenses paid six week trip to India!*conditions apply

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost – Photo Credit Helena Cook.

 What do I have to do?

  • Travel across India
  • Blog, take pictures and short videos about your experiences

That is more or less about it!

Tell me more!

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is – Photo Credit Thom Holmes

Where would I travel?

  • North India, South India, the Himalayas, Bombay?

We are pretty open about destinations. We’d have a discussion before your trip on a general route, but a lot of it would be flexible.

What is not paid for?

  • International flights to India
  • Visa fees and vaccinations (if you decide to take them)

What is paid for?

  • Stay for your entire time in India
  • All internal travel (buses, trains and occasional flight)
  • A daily food/activities and monument fees allowance

Mesmerizing Taj Mahal -Photo Credit Julian-yu.

I should apply if?

  • You are free to travel in India for a minimum of six weeks, (between 1st August to 15th October)
  • You posses good (if not exceptional) writing skills in English/German or French (one, or multiple)
  • Not necessarily phenomenal, but can take good pictures
  • Backpacking excites you! And you have some backpacking experience
  • Bonus–If you can take videos and do a little video editing (not compulsory)

Explore the backpacking experience – Photo Credit Pexels.

To apply/know more

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9 responses to “You Wander We Pay – Travel internship India
  1. hello,
    I’m Astrid Fernandes, I would like to take up this internship, but there is one problem, since I’m a student, I only get offs in the month of October/November for a span of 20 days. is it possible to take up the internship for these days

  2. Actually I’m thinking of travelling to tamilnadu in this June for 12 to 15 days can i I get any stipend for it