Vengurla and the konkan beaches

Know more about the existence of the town of Vengurla and where it lies. It is situated between Maharashtra and Goa. There are yet structures that have survived from the colonial era. The Vengurla Municipal council structure for example is more than a century old. This town houses many temples yet it’s not the only point of interest for travelers. The natural white sand beaches attract visitors from far towns of both the states.

It is the next best and closest town from Goa, They share similar terrain, culture and dialect. Though the languages may differ, the locals communicate well in Marathi as well as Konkani due to similarities. Vengurla is ideal for recreational activities due to offbeat location and alluring tropical weather.

White sand beaches

Vengurla has a long stretch of sealine. There are pristine beaches all worth visiting as the waves don’t get too strong. There are five beaches which are the main attractions, with soft fine sand and shallow seafloor. Sagareshwar Beach is the most visited shore in Vengurla, which is great to capture mesmerizing sunsets.

There are many resorts near Vengurla, especially near Sagareshwar beach. Golven resort has 8 beautiful sea-facing cottages. It promotes recreational activities such as pottery making, camping, backwater swimming, yoga and dolphin watching, etc. There is another beautiful homestay beside it named Mermaid resort.

Getting here

Dabolim airport is the nearest airport while Kudal is the railway station that connects to mostly all major rail connections. Kudal is just 23 km away from the city center. There are frequent state buses that travel through and from Vengurla, driving from Goa is also scenic and feasible. 

One can always make a stop at the Tiracol fort, where the church of St. Anthony still stands. The church is open to the public during certain occasions and almost all Christian festivals. 

Being the closest to Goa, many tourists explore Konkan towns like Vengurla which is a great substitute for a peaceful vacation. The resorts are very hospitable and service-oriented. One must never miss exploring more than expected. Vengurla is one such town that is studded like a gem on the Konkan belt.

Fort Tiracol 

At just half an hour’s drive from the city is Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel. Once a defense fort built to spot and protect invaders from the west, now the ruins have been renovated to be built into a luxury hotel. The fort was built in the 17th century by the Portughese Dynasty. The church and chapel of St. Anthony still survive beautifully and untouched. 

The fort bestows upon the visitors’ amazing view of the Arabian sea and the merger of the River Terekhol into the endless saltwater body. It lies on the borderline between the two states of Maharashtra and Goa. One can approach from the beach of Querim beach through the ferry that operates frequently.


Be a local amidst the weekly market and shop one of the freshest catch. Hundreds gather around to buy fish, best catches from the Sea. Apart from being a coastal town, it’s is located amid the Aravali mountain range. Majorly it is surrounded by the Konkan hills of mangoes, cashews, coconuts and various bushes of berries. 

Pottery making is a well-known art form in the village and famous for handicrafts too. Tourists love shopping for unique art sculptures, handicrafts. The market of Shiroda is the closest best market for fresh fish and vegetables. Goa which is just 25-30km from the city if the time permits for the next best spot for shopping while in Vengurla.

Find out more about Konkan and it’s hidden gems. Offbeat places that are worth the drive and display some untouched beauty and culture of the south. Plan your trip to destinations that make the journey memorable.

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