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Weather in India in April
Weather in India in April

An Overview of the Weather in April

The Indian Summer seasons start from mid march and last till mid June. You would normally assume that travelling in India in April can be hot and bothersome. And it is true for most parts of the country. The heat can be unbearable but there are few destinations which are ideal to visit in April.

In the most favored cities of Rajasthan, delhi and Agra the temperatures can climb well into the high 40s (Centigrade). The Coastal regions of Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu are hot and humid but for people looking at tanning out in the sun could not ask for a better time. The best place to travel is definitely the Himalayas in the north or North East of India as the mountains have the perfect weather. If you are a safari enthusiast and are in search of the elusive tiger then this is the best season and chance to spot them in the wild.

Few things to bear in mind that is also summer vacation so you would be holidaying with quite a few other Indian families.  And  Ensure if you are travelling in April to India Carry cotton clothes, and if visiting the mountains carry a light jacket. a umbrella, cap and plenty of sunscreen might be a good idea to hide from the sun.

South India in April

South India is hot and humid for the entire duration of the summer. From the ruins of Hampi to the southern most tip of India, Kanyakumari, the weather can be a little energy sapping. But this does not by any means that there are places you can not still visit in this naturally beautiful region.

Kerala and Goa

You could also  visit the backwaters, rainforests and tea plantations in Kerala, though it can get a little sultry a  dip in a cool swimming pool can change that feeling rather quickly. The rates for some of the higher end hotels like Coconut Lagoon (Allepey) or Anavilasam (Thekkady) do come down during off season and its a perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala. The beaches of Varkala or  Marari are also a good option to get a nice tan this summer.  The best places to visit would be the tea plantations of Munaar or the forests of Wayanad and Thekkady. the weather in these regions is a lot more pleasant.

Goa, well do i really need to say that beach destination is always popular with travelers  no matter which month or what the weather. You could explore the rain forests in Goa and stay at wildernest or still kick back and enjoy the waters at any of the beaches the charming region has to offer.

Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Tamil Nadu and the temple towns of Madurai, Mahabalipuram and even ponidcherry do get quite hot and you should probably visit these once they have a few rainshowers and the temperature cool down.  But Tamil Nadu does have some lovely hill stations in Kodai Kanal and Conoor. these are ideal summer cities to visit, barring the throngs of Indian tourists. You could also visit the coffee plantations in coorg in neighboring Karnataka or find your inner hippie at Gokarna.

The Himalayas in April

The Indian tradition in this time is simple. You should always head straight for the hills.  And by hills we mean the Himalayas. The enormous range is bathed in sunlight and as the snows start melting you will see plenty of waterfalls.  The temperatures are nice and pleasant ranging from 15 to 25 degrees.

Head to Himachal, Uttarkhand, Sikkim or even Arunachal and experience the sweet cool air caress your hair as you climb through scenic hairpin bends. Hardwood-floored homestays will greet you with open arms . You’ll find not only sweet tiled-roof cottages but also local chocolate and wool sweater economies. You’ll find whitewashed chapel and serene Buddhist monasteries at every turn You can even ride a toy train to reach the summer capitals of Darjeeling and Shimla. Escape tourists in quaint villages of Shoja, Kotgarh in Himachal or Itmenaan in Uttaranchal.

You can visit Leh and Ladakh, but the roads to Pangong or Nubra would probably not be open yet as the passes would still be snowed in. Kashmir though is very easily accessible, and it is flower and cherry blossom season.

North India in April

The temperatures in Varanasi, Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra in general are in the mid forites and quite unbearable. It would be recommended to avoid these regions.  These temperatures also come with some extremely hot winds which are not the most pleasant. So our advice is unless you really have avoid this region. the upside though is that the grand hotels and palace hotels do offer some fantastic rates. So if you would like a Luxury vacation in India at a discounted rate you can try travelling in April. But you rather travel here in August or September.

For all safari enthusiasts April and May are the best chance to spot tigers. As the watering holes dry up, the tigers are left with few places to hydrate, and that just makes the probability of sightings go that much higher. As the safaris are often early in the morning or in the late afternoons, you would never really be in the scorching afternoon sun. From Ranthambore in Rajasthan, to the Jim Corbett national park in Uttarakhand,

To Sum it up

You don’t have to settle for some of the destinations we have mentioned earlier. Beat the crowds by heading for lesser known paradises like Peling (Sikkim), Wayanad (Kerala), Sarahan (Himachal Pradesh) or Mon (Nagaland). All in all in the summer either visit the mountains accross India, the safari parks or the beaches if you would like a tan.  Let us know if you are planning a holiday to India this April and we can customize your trip for you.