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Kite Flying Festival In India
Kite Flying Festival In India



India is a country, where celebration of most festivals can seem like an environment that’s created in an underground rock concert. Makar Sankranti, (Kite Flying Festival) on the other hand, is like a soothing and chilled out concert for hippies. It is a festival that falls on the same day every year and marks the transition of Sun into the Makara rashi (which is the zodiac sign of Capricon). It is one of the few festivals that fall on the same date as the Gregorian calendar. Makar Sankranti is considered as a major harvest festival in quite a few states and marks the arrival of Spring in India.

The Significance of Makar Sankranti is that it serves as a commemoration to Goddess Sankranti’s triumph over the evil and brutal Rakshasa (Demon)Sankarasur, who used to torture and kill humans. Makar Sankranti is also a festival of bonding, where people bury their hatchets and offer each other sweets in an attempt to spread joy all around.

How is the KITE FLYING festival celebrated in India?

Makar Sankranti is an absolutely fun and delightful occasion and is also referred to as the KITE FLYING festival. Like many other Indian festivals, the KITE FLYING festival also has history and cultural significance attached to it. But there are two main reasons why this festival is considered as cool as it is.

Flying vibrant and colourful Kites with your family or buddies under the morning sun, while you simply chill out on a rooftop being one of them. There in a kind of euphoric sense in the air during this occasion and the joy of Flying Kites and cutting the strings of other Kites is unmatched. Add to it, some delightful sweets made of sesame seeds and jaggery (Til-Gul Laddoo). It is a tradition during this festival, to offer a Til-Gul Laddoo to your close ones. A common saying in the Marathi language is what follows, “Til-Gul ghya aani goad bol bola”. It means, ‘Have these til-gul sweet and speak sweet words’.

The Kite Flying tradition is so famous that people also organize recreational competitions during this festival. How cool would it be, to be the last one standing? Or rather, to be the owner of the last Kite Flying!

4286625335_c925570c23_o Photo Credits – Nevil Zaveri (Flickr)

When and which parts of India celebrate the KITE FLYING FESTIVAL?

The Kite Flying festival is massive in most of North India and in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Mumbai is yet another city where you can witness the spirit of the Kite Flying festival.

Jodhpur is a magnificent city on its own and a beautiful place to travel. But it is all the more amazing during the Kite Flying festival. The sight of the city during this occasion will leave you awe-struck. Sure, everyone loves the sight of a thousand stars in a clear night sky. But to witness a thousand colourful kites taking over the morning skies, with every terrace in every building raided by highly enthusiastic kids and elders alike; is an experience that nature can’t provide.

Just like Jodhpur, Udaipur is a city where the spirit of the Kite Flying festival is as high as it gets. A city where more buildings than few; are built side by side, as if it were meant to bridge the distance during occasions like these. Kites of every shape can be seen flying while people flying them from their building terraces make no attempt in hiding their innocent smiles.

Ahmedabad, Jaisalmer and Mumbai are two other cities where Kite Flying festival is a prominent occasion.

4278649280_bb605faf2b_o Photo Credits – Nevil Zaveri (Flickr)

Precautions to take while celebrating KITE FLYING Festival

Nobody likes a good moment to turn sour because of any accidental mishap. No, there is no reason for you to be alarmed. All you have to be is aware. The strings (manja) used to fly the Kites are made abrasives which can cause accidental cuts if you run through it at some speed. So make sure you avoid getting in any such situations. Also, there are always people flying Kites in the streets and there are always moments where the wind won’t feel gracious enough to let the string stay high up in the sky. So be aware of your surroundings to ensure you don’t trip over or run through any of the strings that might come your way.

All in all, the celebration for the Kite Flying festival (Makar Sankranti) in India is very prominent and creates an environment across the country which brings out the child in everyone. So what are your plans for the festival?