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Coralie’s trip to Kashmir, exploring Leh and Ladakh
Coralie’s trip to Kashmir, exploring Leh and Ladakh

On her second trip to India Coralie wanted to explore the stunning landscapes of Leh and Ladakh. This region is known for its rugged landscape, bright blue skies, snow capped mountains, colorful prayer flags and charming villages dotted with stupas and brick houses. Coralie wanted to explore the raw natural beauty of this region. In the ten days she had to explore she visited Srinagar, Leh, Pangong, and Nubra valley. If she had more time could have also explored  a few treks or visited Tso Moriri, and the quaint town of Lamayuru.

When to go

The roads to Leh for both routes are open only from Mid- May till end of September.  If you plan on traveling to Leh and Ladakh we recommend you plan our trip in advance as it is only accessible for a very short window of time every year. There are two routes to get to Leh by road, one from Manali in Himachal Pradesh and one Srinagar in Kashmir. Normally we recommend taking the route from Manali as Kashmir is a volatile region because of it’s proximity to the border and  various other political factors.

When Coralie traveled to Srinagar it was safe to travel via the Srinagar route, however now we  always advise caution and recommend checking with us or other reliable sources before starting your trip.

How to go

This road trip is  definitely not for the faint-hearted. There will be altitude sickness and really bumpy roads. But the journey from Manali or Srinagar is one of the most exhilarating drives you can experience. For some one who prefers a little less adventure there are direct flights from Delhi. There are one stop flights  from Mumbai and Delhi respectively. Flying into Leh is the most comfortable and the fast way of getting there. If you do catch a flight, remember to rest on your first day to acclimatize to the altitude.