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The top 10 hostels in North India
The top 10 hostels in North India
Stops Delhi

Stops offers literally every facility you could ask for and delivers them with professional excellence. Daily tours and activities, crisp linen, free parking, hot showers ad free chai are just the tip of the iceberg. The free breakfast is the highlight–fill up on eggs to order, pancakes, fruit, toast and tea and you’ll be ready to attack the day head on!


Stops Varanasi

Choose from a range of accommodation that starts from a double occupancy ensuite and stretches all the way to tents with shared Douglas Adams-themed toilets. It seems to attract all the best people, or maybe it’s just the atmosphere. Either way, you’ll make great friends here. 

stops-hostel-varanasi Photo Credits- TripAdvisor

Moustache Jaipur

Not just your average clean sheets and complimentary breakfast, the Moustache hostels pack a wholloping punch of character. Bright colours, mirror-work, embroidered parasols and upcycled furniture make this entire building a photo-op. They’ve inhaled Japiur and expressed it on their walls.

moustache hostel Photo Credits – TripAdvisor

Bunkyard Udaipur

Bright green vines cascade down the cool white walls of the stairwell in this amazingly located hostel. 22 km from the airport, 100km from Udaipur palace and 50 km from Jagdish hotel. Go up to the terrace for barbeque or pig out at the on-site restaurant.

Bunkyard hostel Photo Credits – TripAdvisor

Jugaadus Amritsar

Jugaad refers to the unfailing ability to find innovative solutions with limited resources that is the heart of Punjabi culture. With that sim in sight, Jugaadus plans the most amazing tours from getting down and dirty in the village fields to scouring he streets of Amritsar for the best of its food.

Jugaadus Hostel - website Common Room (Photo Credits – http://jugaadus.com/)

Madpackers Dehi 

An oasis of calm and love that makes for a perfect homebase when you’re exploring this chaotic city. Meet fellow travellers and venture out with your new friends and the blessing of the travel crazy folks that run the hostel. Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk anything, they know it all.

the-madpackers-hostel Photo Credits – TripAdvisor

Zostel Jaisalmer

The best of Rajasthani architecture and craft comes together to furnish this palace with locally sourced and lovingly carved wooden beds and colourful dhurries to keep the dust at bay. The location isn’t as convenient as we’d like but the sheer beauty makes up for it.

Zostel Jaisalmer - booking-com Photo Credits – www.booking.com

Zostel Pushkar

Bright, clean and cosy, this hostel boasts a gently lit indoor pool and a wonderfully cushion-strewn rooftop restaurant. This is easily one of the more luxurious properties in the hostel category.

zostel-pushkar Photo Credits – TripAdvisor

Zostel Agra

A mural drenched building just round the corner from the Taj Mahal itself, the Agra branch of Zostel is perfect for the budget backpacker who still wants to tick all the typical sights off their list.

Zostel Agra Photo Credits – TripAdvisor

Shiv Shakti Rishikesh

A budget hotel with dorms, definitely the best place to stay in Rishikesh. The view from the rooftop stretches across the city all the way to the Ganga. Nitin, the owner, is a wonderful human being who has shown us care and friendship well beyond the line of duty.

Shiv Shakti Rishikesh Photo Credits – http://www.shivshaktiguesthouse.co.in/