Harihareshwar temple and the beaches

It is said to have Lord Shiva’s blessings on this peaceful place, called Harihareshwar. Travelers from all over the state visit the Konkan stretch at least once in their lifetime for pilgrimage. Harihareshwar is one of the renowned pilgrimage destinations in the Konkan region, though the beach is a major tourist attraction too.

The best time to visit this coastal town is during the months of November and February. Visit during the monsoon season is magical too, but it’s hard to get out during heavy rains, especially as the roads are ruined. Planning your trip during the best time is crucial as you could capture misty mountains, beautiful ghats, mouth-watering food and also get lucky enough to witness hatching and first steps towards the shore by the Olive ridley turtles.

Getting here

Harihareshwar is approximately 5 hours ride from both the cities of Mumbai and Pune. Traveling here is advised by two-wheelers as the roads are very scenic and worth the stops. Public transport is available from these cities too, state buses run frequently to Harihareshwar, Dighi, Diveagar, Borli and Shrivardhan.

Shrivardhan is the closest city to this holy town. A stop for all your medical or holiday purchases is suggested here. Though Harihareshwar also has many stores for retail purchase, from religious artifacts, souvenirs to take away fruit pulps and dry fruits and fish. Restaurants are scarce yet great but the best ones are the Gharguti (Lunchhome run by locals).Two Seashores

With fine sand beaches, both the main beaches at Harihareshwar are longer than 2 kilometers each. One beach faces the MTDC hotel while the other shore is adjacent to the Harihareshwar Temple. The huge and hard shore makes it easier for tourists to induce in beachside sports.

The waves are always proactive and have visible imprints on the rock along the shore. The beach viewpoint provides an amazing view. There is always a cluster of tourists taking selfies near the viewpoint amidst the rock craters formed. Harihareshwar has some breathtaking views of the sea and hills around namely Harihareshwar Shukl Teerth View Point, Harihareshwar beach viewpoint and Sunrise viewpoint facing MTDC.

Harihareshwar Shukl Teerth View Point

Places to eat

As the majority of the stays offer in-house dining, there are very few restaurants around. Also the pilgrimage demand for snacking is quite less compared to the tourist spots. But the food provided by lunch-homes run by locals is mouth-watering.

Many of the lunch homes though are purely vegetarian, yet don’t hesitate to look for non-vegetarian restaurants. Expect to get fresh seafood and taste value for money. The path to the temple is defended by small houses and snack stalls on both sides. The stalls run from early morning to sundown serving hot Maharashtrian snacks such as Vadapav, Misal and many more.

Try the delicious seafood during your stay- photo Credit Sharon Ang

Temples and stay

Kalbhairav – Yogeshwari temple is the main attraction, also known as Harihareshwar temple. There is a small temple visited before witnessing the ancient Shiv Ling in the main temple. The pilgrims believe to take a parikrama (circumambulation) around the sacred places for eternal blessing. The Parikrama is suggested only during low tides as many points are on the shore and amidst uneven rocky platforms.

The options for stay are adequate but no luxury resorts as such. The MTDC resort is the next best in matters of price and location. While homestays like Gokul and Homeshree do provide comfort with a homely feel of the Konkan’s hospitality. There are a few good hotels facing the sea too. Harihareshwar would be perfect for a family getaway.

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