Travelling options from Hampi to Kerala

Travelling options from Hampi to Kerala

Life in Hampi is slow and peaceful, surrounded by beautiful boulders and ruins of the city, that still has the old world charm that sweeps you off your feet. And although Hampi already has made a special place in your heart, it is time to say goodbye and visit the next place on the portrait that is south India; to stun you and leave you vulnerable to its beauty. In this post, we’re going to help you figure out a way of getting to Kerala from Hampi. Kerala, God’s own country, was listed by National Geographic in the top ten paradises in the world and for good reason! Located on the south-western coastline of India, Kerala has everything; beaches, backwaters, mountains, dense forests and wildlife sanctuaries.  It is a traveller’s paradise. So to help you plan your way to Kerala from Hampi, we have listed below the different modes of travel that you can opt for.

Nature walks are so peaceful! Wildlife in Kerala – Photo Credit Nagesh Jayaraman.


By Air

Hampi does not have an Airport, the nearest airport is Belgaum airport (a 5-hour drive). However, there are no flights from Belgaum to Kerala either. The best option if looking to fly would be to either drive down or take a train to Bangalore and fly from there.

The drive to Bangalore would take at least 7 hours but there is a very convenient overnight train from Hospet to Bangalore (16591 Hampi Express departing at 2040 hrs from Hampi arrival in Bangalore next morning at 0600 hrs)

There are multiple daily non-stop flights between Bangalore and Kerala. Kerala has three main airports: Cochin, Trivandrum and Calicut and depending on which region you want to explore in Kerala, you could fly into that airport from Bangalore.

We suggest you make a stop at Bangalore (stay there for a day if you like the city, explore the nightlife) and then take a flight to Kerala. These flights are usually light on the wallet (priced approximately USD 32-USD 55 per person).

Flying in India Spice Jet is one of the most common domestic flights in India

By Rail

The closest station to Hampi is Hospet Junction. There are no direct trains to Kerala from Hampi. You will have to break the journey up into stops. You can either take the train to Bangalore (Hampi express) and then take another train from Bangalore to Kerala or you can include Mysore (the city of Palaces and sandalwood).

Hampi Express runs up to Mysore which is 3 hours from Bangalore (Arr 0930 hrs). From Mysore, you can begin your Kerala sojourn from the northern end (less touristy). Start in Wayanad in North Kerala, which is a short drive (3.5 hrs) or bus ride from Mysore.

If you wish to skip Mysore and get straight to Cochin, these are the train options: 12677 Bangalore–Ernakulam Inter-City express. This train runs between Bangalore and Ernakulam Junction (nearest station to Fort Cochin) seven days of the week, The train originating from Bangalore City Junction leaves at 6:15 AM in and reaches Ernakulam at 5:00 PM (the upside of taking a morning train is that you get to enjoy the pleasant views of the countryside as the sun rises above them).

Another option is the 16526 Kanyakumari Express, this train too runs every day, leaving at 08:00 PM and reaching Ernakulam the next day at 06:05 AM. The train goes further down to Varkala and Trivandrum too, ending at the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari. It’s the ideal option if you want to head straight to the beaches of Kovalam or Varkala.

By Road

There are no direct buses from Hampi to Kerala. You can take a KSRTC bus (government owned A/C and Non A/C) or a private bus to Bangalore and then change (bus/train/flight) to Kerala. Buses to Bangalore leave from Hampi bus junction as well as Hospet bus junction. These are overnight buses, about an 8-9 hour journey, all departing post-2100 hrs. The bus tickets can be purchased directly in Hampi or purchased online.

Discover the beautiful paths across India – Photo Credit Iftekhar Nibir)

Alternative routes

An interesting alternative to reach Kerala from Hampi is including Goa! Read our blog, to find out more! India Someday would love to help you plan a trip to India that takes you from Hampi to Kerala, visiting gorgeous places en route.

Munnar in Kerala,gorgeous hill station – Photo Credit Gaurav Kumar.

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