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Weather in India in April
Weather in India in April

The fabled Indian April is hot and bothersome. There are two well-known downsides to travelling during this month. The first and most important—in the plains and coastal areas, temperatures will  climb well into the high 40s (Centigrade). Besides that, it coincides with the summer vacation. That means a sudden explosion of Indian families in every possible tourist location. You’re left with a shortage of accommodation and crowded monuments. Worst of all, you’ll find terrible messes of food wrappers and plastic bags everywhere. You might want to avoid the bigger tourist sites because of this.

What to do

The Indian tradition in this time is simple. You should always head straight for the hills. The sweet cool air will caress your hair as you climb through scenic hairpin bends. Quaint, wood-floored homestays will open their arms to you. A wonderful relic of the colonial times, all these hill stations are well developed as summer escapes.  You’ll find not only sweet tiled-roof cottages but also local chocolate and wool sweater economies. You’ll find whitewashed chapels at every turn. You can even ride a toy train through the eucalyptus plantations.

Where to go this April

You don’t have to settle for these standard destinations. Beat the crowds by heading for lesser known paradises like Kalimpong (West Bengal), Wayanad (Kerala), Sarahan (Himachal Pradesh) or Mon (Nagaland). Trust us, you’ll love it.