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Four travel routes for Kerala
Four travel routes for Kerala

A popular travel destination; one can easily spend a week to 10 days in Kerala. We always recommend ending the trip with Kerala, which is utterly relaxing in its breath-taking beauty.

Route 1: Essence of Kerala (7-8 days): Fort Cochin-Munnar-Thekkady-Alleppey/Kumarakoam

This is the most preferred travel route. You get to experience the variety of what Kerala has to offer. The European heritage combined with local delights in Fort Cochin, vast green tea plantations of Munnar, go hiking along the dense forest of Thekkady and relax and enjoy the sunset on a canoe along the backwaters in Alleppey or Kumarkoam.

It is a 3 and half  hour drive on an average to get to the other town. If you prefer a slower pace, choose between Munnar and Thekkady and spend a day more in each town.

Route 2: Beaches of Kerala (10-12 days): Marari, Varkala and Kovalam

The perfect end to a holiday: unwinding on a beach! Start with Fort Cochin, then Munnar (or Thekkady), Alleppey and end with a beach. Marari is closest to Alleppey (45min drive). In comparison to Varkala and Kovalam it is has an untouched splendour. As there are only a couple of luxury boutique properties, planning in advance is important especially if travelling during the holiday season.

You can take a train to Varkala from Alleppey. Varkala and Kovalam are famed for their Ayurveda resorts. Many spend more than a week or two at these resorts for various ayurvedic and rejuvenation sessions.

Route 3: Offbeat Allure: Wayanad, Kannur, Athirapilly

Wayanad, Kannur and Athirapilly include the lesser known gems of Kerala. They lie on the northern-most end of Kerala.

Wayanad, set in a tropical rainforest, is a perfect getaway especially for honeymooners. Stay at Vythiri Resort and enjoy the privacy and wake up to sound of the gushing waters and splendid views outside your villa.

Kannur is a much less explored town which has been favoured with natural beaches, backwaters, hill stations, historical monuments etc. It is also known has ‘The Land of Looms and Lore’ because of its high quality production and export of handloom fabrics.

If starting your trip in Mumbai/ Delhi, fly into Calicut and drive to Wayanad or Kannur. From either of these towns, you can take a train to Fort Cochin.

Athirapilly is a 1.5 hour drive from Cochin. Go on a day trip or spend a night to visit the Athirapilly Falls which have been nicknamed ‘the Niagara of India’. The area is home to a host of wild animals and birds.

Route 4: Kerala during Festivals

Kerala has a number of temple and elephant festivals, Thrissur Pooram being the grandest of them all. It is celebrated between April and May each year in Thrissur (about 80km from Cochin) and is a seven day affair.

Onam is another important festival. It is a harvest festival celebrated between August and September. The procession in Trivandrum has as many as 3000 artists, 75 floats and 68 art forms which are a visual delight.

Theyyam is a folk art celebrated in Kannur. It is a ritualistic, ancient form of worship still celebrated with the same fervour. The festival is held from October to May each year. The riot of colors, the music, dance and devotion is worth witnessing.

If you’re planning your visit around a festival, stay at a homestay instead of a hotel. You get to experience the fun firsthand and be part of all the festivities.