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Weather in India in October – India Someday
Weather in India in October – India Someday

Overview of Weather in India in October

What’s the weather like in India in October? It’s the beginning of winter. It’s also the beginning of the travel season. That means rates are still low, but climbing. The rain has just passed and it might be a bit hot. It gets cooler as the month progresses. Humidity is low, and that’s a great blessing. Up north, the winter is near. We’re basically caught between hot and wet and cool and dry.

Festivals in India in October

October brings with it a huge host of festivals. Navratri, Durga Puja and most importantly Diwali. You can’t miss these. Durga Puja in Calcutta is full of singing, dancing and culture. Diwali is an ethereal festival in Varanasi in particular. Light delicate clay lamps and set off fireworks with children.

Almost all of the country is accessible during this month. Only Leh-Ladakh is cut-off by the snow.

Since it’s the very beginning of the season, travel is cheap. If you can book in advance, you’ll save big. Indians are also travelling a lot because of the festivals. Try and avoid that rush. If you’re coming in for Diwali, book well in advance. Hotel rooms will still be cheap but travel won’t.