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Weather in India in November
Weather in India in November

November is a great time to visit to India. The weather is nice (by Indian standards!) Highs and lows in North India vary between 20C to 30C, South India is a few degrees warmer. It’s usually a dry month for most of the country, with the exception of Kerala that can receive some rainfall.

It is not as crowded as the very touristy months of December and January and if you are lucky the festival of lights, Diwali would be would celebrated in November (it is either at the end of October or early November), an amazingly festive time to visit India. Being in India around Diwali would add another layer to your India experience.


The weather is sunny and warm, without being unbearably hot. It is certainly very different from a November in Europe or North America. It would never be to cold, unless if you plan to visit the Himalayas which would be cold at night.

Weather wise it is a great time to be in literally any part of India i.e. North, South, Goa, Himalayas or Central and North East India.

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Hotel bookings

While November is not as busy as the months of December and January, It is advisable to book your hotels in advance. An ideal time frame would be a month and half to three months in advance.

Always double check if your dates overlap with the festival of Diwali. Diwali falls on one day, but the celebrations last a week, usually four to five days prior and two to three days after Diwali. Offices and schools are closed during the period and a lot of Indians do travel during then.

Note – There is usually no peak season supplement charged by hotels for the Diwali period, but booking your hotels well in advance is highly advisable

Train, flight and bus tickets

Around Diwali dates, it is always hard to get train tickets and flight fares soar. Indians like to return home to spend Diwali with family creating a surge in demand for train and flight tickets.

Outside the Diwali week tickets are relatively easier to get and flight prices are in line with normal fares. Although the rule for train tickets in India is always ‘book as early as possible’. Train ticket bookings open 60 days before travel date (for shorter train rides it is 30 days before travel date).

As an international tourist you can avail train ticket bookings under Foreigners quota.

Bus tickets can usually be booked pretty last minute too (except Diwali dates). A good website to start your bus hunt is Redbus. Remember, you cannot rely on buses to get you everywhere in India. Trains are more comfortable, have a better network and are more fun!

Useful tips

  • If you plan to tour across different regions in India then November is an ideal month. The weather in the desert is good, the Himalayas are cool (but still not freezing), the beaches are invitingly warm and there is usually no
  • Definitely look up the dates for Diwali. A wonderfully festive time to be in India. Diwali is celebrated with more gusto in North India. Indians are very friendly, be assured of locals asking you to join in the
  • Make travel arrangements for the Diwali week well in advance of the rest so you have more time and flexibility. However, do remember December and January are the busiest months for tourism in India.

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