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Weather in India in August
Weather in India in August

An overview of weather in India in August

What is the weather in India in August like?

June to the month of September is monsoons for almost all of India. The western coast, beginning with Kerala in the south is hit by the southwest monsoon winds.

July and August are the peak monsoon months for the states of Kerala and Goa. While it rains across North India too (Delhi, Rajasthan and Varanasi), the intensity is never same.

South India in August

Kerala and Goa usually receive very heavy rain during the monsoons. It does dampen plans of exploring the state of Kerala or relaxing on the beaches of Goa. When it rains, it will rain for hours, it will be heavy, and it may rain for an entire day. Then it can clear up for a couple of days and not rain at all

However, the countryside comes alive during these months. It is gorgeously green and the rivers and lakes are teeming with water. You would also get off-season bargains for hotels across your stay. You can enjoy most places to yourself with minimal number of tourists.

Visit Goa and Kerala in August if you want to enjoy off-season discounts, stay at a lovely luxury resort for less than half the cost and enjoy having the place to yourself.

North India in August

While Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and Rajasthan also receive rain during the month of August, the intensity is never the same as in South India.

Showers are not as heavy and do not last as long. The temperatures cool down during the rains and the countryside turns very green.

August can actually be quite a nice month to visit North India. It isn’t extremely hot thanks to the rains, there’s off-season discounts, no tourist crowds and the pretty countryside.

August is a good month to visit Leh and Ladakh as the weather is clear with minimal or no rain. The rest of Himalayas, i.e. Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Sikkim and Darjeeling would get a lot of train during the month of August.