• Monday - Saturday
    16:30- 19:00
  • Mumbai
    Asiatic Society, Fort
  • 2500 INR per person
    Inclusions: All the food stops on the tour.
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This Heritage + Food tour in Mumbai is guaranteed to give you a great gist of this bustling city. From a cluster of seven islands, to ‘Bombaim’ under the Portuguese, to Bombay under the British, to the metropolis of Mumbai: one thing has always been constant in Mumbai’s history, and that is it’s undeniable pull on people. People have always been drawn to the city of dreams, and past lives alongside present in this amalgamation of cultures and cuisines. Take a glimpse down that road on this walk, as you learn a little about Mumbai’s history, and sample the different cuisines we now call our own. 

The walk will be held over 2.5 to 3 hours, during which you will stop by a few sites of historical value, interspersed with food breaks, where you will eat food that Mumbaikars eat on a regular basis. Christine, our guide, will be leading the walk. She is a second-generation Mumbaikar, and she loves sharing her passion for the city she calls home.

Please note: a familiarity with the English language is required, as the walk is held in English.


What we need to know-

  • Are you Vegan
  • Any food allergies
  • Are you diabetic

What you’ll be having

  • Masala chai (Indian-style tea)
  • Bun maska ( an Iranian snack of a ‘bun’-bread with ‘maska’- Amul butter) 
  • Idli (steamed savory cake made from rice and lentil batter) 
  • Medu vada (doughnut-shaped fritter made from rice and black lentils)
  • Dosa (savoury lentil and rice crepe, made from a batter that has been fermented)
  • Vada pav (a deep fried potato dumpling placed inside a bread bun, with tamarind and green chutney)
  • Sugarcane juice- specially processed


  • All the food stops on the tour 


  • Miscellaneous costs
  • Tipping
  • Personal expenses (shopping, additional food stops)

What to expect-

  • Traffic and noise- you haven’t truly experienced this city if you haven’t walked through the by-lanes and crossed the main streets. Cross without inhibition, stay with the group, and remember to have fun, and it’ll be smooth sailing on the streets of Mumbai.
  • Real food experiences- Leave behind your expectations of Starbucks-worthy service. This is not just a walk, it’s an experience, and we encourage you to be as open to it as possible.
  • Humidity- depending on the time of day we have our walk, you will most certainly end up perspiring a fair bit. Here’s where some tissues will come in handy.

What to wear-

Comfort clothing. A tee, with cargos or jeans should work just fine. A word of advice, especially for the ladies- kindly refrain from wearing tank tops, extremely high shorts, or anything too exposing. Apart from attracting a few stares, you might also get uncomfy after a while with the heat, dust and humidity. 

What to carry-

A few tissues, some sanitizer, a bottle of water, a cap if it’s sunny, a windcheater if it’s overcast. 


Christine is a font of knowledge about Mumbai history, and it is clear it is something she is passionate about. The food on this tour was divine, and I have a newfound love for sugarcane juice as a result! -Claire Louise Whittle

A walk like this makes for a nice introduction to Mumbai city. I especially like the food bits, being a foodie I was very happy indeed! - Rory Milligan

If it is your first time in the country I would highly recommend the tour, as it gives you a good understanding of the country and how things work. - Stuart Whittall

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I fully comprehend and accept all of the risks associated with my participation in the Tour including, without limitation, injury or death resulting from 

  • exposure to unfavourable weather conditions (one lightning strike will make you a vada pao. Thankfully we don’t usually have that happening.)
  • Temperature and hydration (Though we wouldn’t be surprised if your wiry tour guide starts to look skeletal by the end of the walk herself.)
  • Accidents or mishaps caused by or attributable to myself, other participants, motor vehicles, the condition of the Tour location and terrain, or pedestrians. (…what do we say, Mumbai is a roiling ocean. Do note however, it’s fairly easy to bob along as long as you keep your head.) 

I acknowledge that the Tour may involve a test of my physical and/or mental limits (pretty sure you’ll be mind blown and awestruck over the food, the city, or both)  and I warrant to the Company that I am in good health and suffer from no physical or mental condition that would make me especially susceptible to injury or disability while participating in the Tour.

I understand that the Tour takes place in public venues under conditions largely beyond the Company’s control, and I acknowledge that the Tour will visit independent restaurants and/or venues not owned or controlled by the Company (“Host Businesses”). 

I accept all of the risks associated with consumption of food products (as does your tour guide) offered or provided including, without limitation, food sickness (steel those guts… just kidding it’s quite safe, really… ), allergic reactions, choking, or alcohol consumption.

I take full responsibility if any part of my holiday, including but not limited to the walk, has fuelled in me the desire to visit India again, and I agree to give in to that desire and to do so with India Someday.