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Last Updated on October 6, 2023

In this article, we explain the three different payment ways which you can use to pay for your trip to India with India Someday.

Payment by credit card

The fastest and easiest way to pay us is via credit card via our own gateway here. This is only possible for visa and master card, not American Express. 

There is a transaction fee of 2.75% with this payment option. For your advance payment, simply pay EUR/GBP/USD 500 per person, and we will deduct the amount in INR that we will receive after the deduction of the fee from your Total in INR. To find out your balance amount, including 2.75% credit card fee, check the TOTAL in your currency in the account summary in your travel plan.

Sometimes credit card payments don’t go through at first attempt because banks block a transaction into a foreign country. If we don’t receive the payment, we will inform you and you can try again or speak to your bank in that case. 

For any clients in countries that don’t use the currencies EUR, USD or GBP, we apologize, but a double conversion will take place (from your currency to EUR/USD/GBP and then to INR). Therefore, we’d recommend a payment via, see below.

Visa and Mastercard are accepted- Photo Credit Frankieleon

Payment by Wise

Wise is an easy-to-use international money transfer platform with low rates and fast transactions. Many of our clients have used it over the years and especially like the good currency exchange rates as well as the swift service. 

Before we explain to you how it works, please note: 

So here is a step-to-step guide on how to transfer money with Wise.

1. Open wise

2. Sign in or login if you have used Wise before. Set a secure password! 

3. After your login, click on ‘Send money’. You will see the following page:

You will have to first set your currency (EUR/GBP/USD/AUD etc) on top (You send) and then INR below (recipient gets). Then you will enter the due amount in INR in the lower input line (for example Rs 45000 as an advance for one traveller). It will automatically show you how much this will be in your currency on top, how high the fees are and what’s the current exchange rate. See as an example for an advance payment for one traveller in the image above!

4. If you haven’t used wise before, you will have to enter your details such as Name, birthday, phone number and address.

5. Now it will ask you about the recipient. Click on ‘Business or charity’. Now you have to enter our email address It will show you immediately that ‘India Someday Travels LLP is already on Wise, and would like to receive INR in the following account’.

6. Next it will ask you ‘What’s the reason for your transfer?’. You can select travel expenses!

7. After a review, you choose how you want to pay. You can pay with your online banking, credit or debit card or another option offered only in your country. 

8. Done! Depending on your chosen option of payment, the money should reach within minutes or 48h.

Payment by Bank transfer

Often clients prefer to pay via bank transfer through their own bank instead of using credit card or an online money transfer platform. This is okay for us, but please note the following:

  • Please make sure that you bear the fees as we need to ensure that we receive the costs of your trip in INR on our account.
  • Bank transfers take 5-10 working days to reach us. We will only start booking your trip when we have received your advance payment. So if you want us to book your trip ASAP please consider credit card payment or Wise as those are faster.
  • Please make sure that you type in all details correctly when making your payment as often payments don’t get through due to wrong spelling.
  • We do not have an IBAN! Only European accounts have IBAN and we only have an Indian bank account. You will have to do an international money transfer to a non-EU country which is often only possible at your bank branch and not through online-banking.
  • For the calculation of the amount in your currency we use the currency calculator of our receiving bank (HDFC) which is different from the current international exchange rate. This is to make sure that we will receive the necessary amount of your trip costs into our account. 
  • Since bank transfer would take a few days and the exchange rates can often vary drastically within a few days, it can happen that we receive less in INR. Even though you paid the correct EUR amount at the time of payment. In the case of receiving too little, we will have to ask you to make another payment to us. If we receive too much, we can refund it via PayPal.

Here are the required bank details: 

Account Name: India Someday Travels LLP

Account Number: 00052560002509

Swift Code : HDFCINBB

Name of the bank : HDFC Bank

Bank branch : Mahalakshmi, Mumbai

Address of the bank branch: 4 A, Tirupati Apartments, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai 400026

IFSC Code of the bank branch: HDFC0000005

India Someday Travels address: India Someday (C/O Abbas & Co), 235, Abdul Rehman Street, Mumbai – 400003, India, +91-022-23093228 (Phone number)

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