Meghalaya is the land of emerald-colored waterfalls, stunning valleys, living root bridges, and the cleanest river and village in Asia. The name of the state stands true to its name as Meghalaya means “the abode of clouds” in Sanskrit. It is a 22,429 sq. km state consisting of 29.67 lakh people. There are a plethora of activities to do in this hilly state, therefore here’s our list of the best places to visit in Meghalaya and all that it has to offer. Preferably, the best time to visit Meghalaya is during the summer season. The temperatures in this hilly state can fall to 21 degrees celsius (Low 70s F) in August and 8-10 degrees celsius in January (upper 40s F), therefore one who is fond of the winter or colder regions will find this destination perfect.

the living roots

If there’s one place you have to visit, it must be Cherrapunji, also known as the wettest place in the world. One can make the most of this experience by camping under or climbing the root bridges or even admiring the flora and fauna.  One of the greatest tourist attractions is the living root bridges, which are in close proximity to Cherrapunji. The longer the root bridges live for, the stronger and more studier they are. Some bridges have also grown over centuries, therefore they can support quite a few people.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge constructed by weaving the roots of Banyan trees (Credit_Ashwin Kumar)


In Meghalaya, there are multiple water bodies ranging from Nohkalikai Falls to Nohsngithiang Falls. However, all of them stand out from each other. Nohkalikai Falls located close to Cherrapunji is 335 meters, therefore being the tallest plunge waterfall in India. Nohsngithiang Falls belongs to one of the seven sister waterfalls. During the monsoon, its beauty amplifies and tourists could also witness rainbows over the water.

Major attractions of Meghalaya


A lovely thick forest with chirping birds is the grand entrance to the cave. The Mawsmai Cave, a 150-meter long cave, is made of natural limestones. There’s no need for a guide since it’s easy to explore. This cave is located in Jaintia Hills.  You might need to squeeze and crawl in, certain parts but this cave exploration is a fantastic experience. The Mawsmai cave is accessibly and a fun and safe adventure activity, the cave is also famous for its fossils, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled out.

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Balpakram National Park

Another irresistible tourist attraction is the Balpakram National Park, which is home to the Red panda (one of the rarest animals that are currently endangered). One must make the effort to visit this park to click pictures and see these species.

Mawlynnong Village & Eco-park

Mawlynnong village is one of the most fascinating sites we have ever come across. It is the embodiment of cleanliness as plastic bags are banned, smoking is prohibited, and dustbins are made of bamboo, making this place extremely eco-friendly. The people not only clean their own houses but also sweep the roads, and plant trees. Similarly, Eco-park, which was implemented by the government, is famous for its native orchards. The view from this park is simply surreal. These places help conserve the environment by promoting ecotourism and we would love to see it gain more attraction. This is perfect for nature lovers or anybody who is passionate about the environment.

Umiam Lake and ward lake

This man-made lake surrounded by dense forests is one of the most popular tourist spots. Apart from the picturesque views, one can indulge in water sports ranging from Kayaking, Yachting, boating to Canoeing. Unlike Umiam Lake, Ward’s Lake is an artificial lake that is 100 years old. This Lake which has a rich historical background also has bird sanctuaries and boating options too.

Shillong Viewpoint

The Shillong viewpoint provides a panoramic view of the city. Besides the view, one can visit local shops which sell souvenirs, food, and clothes. To get a closer look at the city, the binoculars help one to see the picturesque view. Make sure the sky is clear to see the spectacular view, therefore we suggest that one goes in the morning to avoid crowds and clouds.


A holiday in Meghalaya should definitely make it to your travel bucket list. The best places to visit in Meghalaya is a never-ending list, but these are definitely our favorites. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding this magical place!

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