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“The city of Madurai is one that hold immense religious and historical significance. With numerous marvellous temples and a history rich with mighty kings, the city sure does have a lot of stories to tell. For those in the city, Storytrails is the best institution to choose, to know all about the ancient market town that has been around since at least the 2nd century BC. Storytrails team boasts of seasoned storytellers who are all well versed with the city’s history and all that makes a religious hotspot.

Guests can choose the Once Upon A Madurai city walk, which runs runs for 3 hours, at 07:00 am and 04:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The north tower entrance of Meenakshi Temple is where guests meet before they head out for their walk. At the walk, guests get to visit some of the towering monuments and temples in the city and learn about the history of the people who made the city, its culture, the kings of the past and more.

We were guided through sights we would never have seen. Our guide was so knowledgeable and told wonderful stories.

Amazing way to visit MaduraiWe did the “once upon a time” and “food” trails. Both were excellent and we had an awsome approach to the history and culture of Madurai and South India. The places and dishes selected in the food trail were amazing, we tasted so different and delicious bites. Moreover, the guide made it better. Swarna is so adorable and passionate about carrying out the trails.We definitely recommend both tours to anyone staying in Madurai, they will make your stay in Madurai very comfortable and interesting!!

Very good and informativeWe did the Food Trail tour and the Once Upon tour and enjoyed both a lot. Swarna was a wonderful host with interesting stories and a captivating way of telling them. The food tour had excellent choice of dishes, both in quality and taste as well as the connection to the city. Definitely recommended!

An excellent way of visiting MaduraiWe had the pleasure to discover Madurai in the early morning thanks to Storytrails.Of course we heard a lot of stories but we also had the opportunity to speak about the life in India and it was very interesting.Thanks a lot!