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“Ever wondered what life is like in one of Asia’s largest slum areas? With, Reality Tours and Travels, you can get a better understanding of life in Dharavi, Mumbai. The Dharavi tour educates travellers about the various business activities that take place within the region. From recycling and pottery-making to embroidery and leather tanning, the slums house various businesses which contribute to an approximate turnover of $665 million. Although Dharavi is known as one of Asia’s largest slums in Asia, it’s also a huge business hub, and more than just a poor residential area.

The tour covers a glimpse of the recycling process, a panoramic view of the famed region from a rooftop, a pappadom making activity, a visit to the Community Center and more. Visitors can also opt to enjoy a meal with the locals. Reality Tours And Travels offer multiple packages which vary from a 2.5 hours walk to a 9 hours walk. Each tour however, vies to educate visitors about the multi-religion and multi-ethnic diverse settlement.”

We had an excellent tour guide named Ahad, took time to really show us all about the area, all the businesses, the recycling, the living areas - answered all of our questions. It was really astonishing to see what life is like in this area and just how many people live there.

Finally i got to tour this very productive slum area in the center of Mumbai... so much recycling done here and leather and pottery still made here in spite of the pollution that it causes in the city. Our tour guide for Dharavi was most knowledgeable and lives in the slum.. We were invited to his home there and were able to experience the true slum life as guests.. Amazing and i recommend this tour to anyone who is interested in how importand Dharavi slums is to many big businesses.

This is one the biggest slum in world and home of many small scale business. You will be amazed by the kind of talent is hidden here in such small streets and homes.

A must see! My tour of the Dharavi slum was an experience I will never forget. Amazing, Jarring, humbling and wonderful. They make their own Dharavi brand leather goods and pottery. Bought some great leather bags and purses for my Nieces. This is a unique experience, don't miss it.

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