• Daily
    Time: 6 Hrs
  • Goa
  • 10000 INR Per person
    Inclusion: All equipment,
    Exclusion: Insurance

“Goa is one of the Indian cities which has the reputation of being a great place to indulge in adventurous activities, and rightly so. With Kitesurfing Goa, you can ride the waves and cut through the wind like a master of the water sport. The founder of Kitesurfing Goa, Philippe Dartnell is an instructor who has been certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO), so guests always know that they are in the best possible hands.

Kitesurfing Goa offers numerous courses which cater to both beginners and the ones who possess an advanced level of skill set. They even have a Non-Certified course where guests get to learn for 10 hours, on the basis of the IKO syllabus Levels 1 & 2. The Discovery (Level 1) teaches guests the art of mastering wind power, among other things. Kitesurfing Goa don’t have a lot of prerequisites to join their courses, with the ability to swim and good health being the primary ones.”

Amazing teacher!Phillipe is a great teacher and is very methodical. He taught us how to kitesurf ensuring safety which is very vital as it is an extreme sport.He is also very enthusiastic about kitesurfing and will help you all the way, couldn't have asked for a better coach.Would definitely recommend

One of the best kite surfing schools in IndiaI'd always wanted to learn how to kite surf and was very lucky that I found Kitesurfing Goa. Although I was staying in South Goa and Morjim is far North, the experience was absolutely worth the 1.5-2 hour drive each way! This is testament to the excellent teaching I received from Philippe following the well defined IKO syllabus. As I had no prior kite surfing experience, we began with some of the basic theory, safety and kite set up before learning how to effectively control the kite on land. After we were comfortable with my kite control on land, we progressed to body and board dragging in the water and finally learnt to get up on the board for a short period. Importantly, there was a focus on technique and safety (e.g. self rescue and relaunch) which are both key skills.Teaching was from 3pm to 6pm daily and fortunately, during my lessons, the conditions were very favourable. The beach is well suited to kite surfing and there are facilities (shower and toilet etc) available in one of the beach front restaurants.I would totally echo others' comments about Philippe; he is a fantastic instructor. Patient, encouraging and constructive, he was a pleasure to learn from. I would highly recommend him and will be returning to complete my Level 3 IKO with him next time I'm in Goa.

I booked a course for IKO level 2 with Philippe. Unfortunately we only could do two days before they stopped us on Morjim Beach (watersports forbidden due to political reasons). After two days Philippe organized to continue our course in Panjim and we nearly finalized level 2 there (nearly due to wind conditions).I had the feeling Philippe is a very experienced and passionate kitesurfer and instructor who takes care about this students and their safety. His instructions were clear and I could ask every question I had (even more than one time) and we explained everything to me. We only were 1-3 students which was great to learn a lot in short time. Besides that we had a lot of fun and the atmosphere was uncomplicated, respectful and nice all the time!I would highly recommend Philippe as a kitesurfing instructor.Thank you, Philippe, for all your experience and knowledge you shared with me!

Best in Goa!"Kitesurfing Goa" is one of the best places to learn the sport from. Unlike many other such small/ part time/ so-called instructors who come out of hibernation during peak season, Philippe is an instructor who exactly knows what he is doing. He's a full-time IKO certified instructor who takes his job seriously.Brimming with energy and enthusiasm second to none, he brings along almost two decades of kitesurfing experience with him. Never at a loss for patience, he provides instructions diligently and repeatedly until he knows the jobs done. Being an excellent communicator his training sessions are a combination of verbal instructions and hands-on demonstrations and his training skills are clearly visible in the manner he provides his instructions.Instructions come in two packages: a 10 hr course which provides you with a skillset that can place you into the water and a 14 hr course that provides IKO Level 2 certifications.Anyone who is interested in learning the sport can approach Philippe without hesitation. Simply put, he's the best!

Excellent InstructorI spent a week in Goa learning kitesurfing with Philippe. It was the most fun I've had learning anything. He's an amazing instructor, always patient and careful. He makes sure you've mastered one stage before coaxing you to push yourself to the next. Most importantly, he's particular about safety. Not just your own but also that of other people around you.I look forward to coming back to learn with him in a few months. Highly recommended to anyone looking to learn this fun sport with someone who's a great teacher.

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